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Marketing fundamentals for direct to market producers

A three part youtube series that will give producers expert tips and technical advice on the fundamentals of marketing.

Watch the videos and download the workbook here

Direct to market consumer survey

Read the report commissioned by Greater Sydney Local Land Services to understand what motivated consumers to purchase direct from growers, identify their understanding of ‘sustainable’ farming, and help the farming sector market their produce to this segment.

Read the 2021 report here

Read the 2019 report here

Direct to market farmer survey

In 2021, Greater Sydney Local Land Services conducted a survey on farmers in the region selling produce to direct to market.

Read the results here

In 2019, Greater Sydney Local Land Services conducted a statewide survey on farmers selling produce direct to local suppliers.

See a snapshot of the statewide and Greater Sydney results. Read the results here

Farmhub website

One web portal for drought support and other assistance initiatives from the Australian government, state governments, not-for-profit organisations and other charities.

Farm biosecurity website

Videos, factsheets, toolkits etc for farm biosecurity

Climate Kelpie website

Tools and information regarding climate

Bureau of Meterology

Contains information about monthly and seasonal outlooks

NSW Weedwise

A portal for information about weeds including photos for identification

Adapt NSW

Adapt NSW website provides interactive maps to source information about climate predictions for your area


Farmtable website contains a library of resources for farmers on a variety of topics from business planning, farm leasing, marketing, farming practices etc.

Horses in emergencies

Factsheet on Horse safety in emergencies

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