Healthy Soils, Productive Pastures

The Healthy Soils, Productive Pastures project was funded under the Federal Government's National Landcare Program and aimed to increase awareness and adoption of best practice land management to help improve and protect the condition of soil, biodiversity and vegetation.

This four year project was completed in June 2023 and undertook the following activities:

  • Provide incentive funding for landholders to undertake on-ground projects on their property
  • Field trials at the LLS Demonstration farm in Richmond
  • Field days and demonstration days to showcase best land management practices
  • Workshops on various topics such as pastures and soil health

This project assisted landholders in their agricultural production through a combination of activities that focused on improving soil health, pasture condition, native vegetation and biodiversity on-farm while reducing soil erosion.

Incentive projects

Incentive funding allowed landholders to undertake on-ground projects to enhance soil health, improve grazing management and groundcover, and protect vegetation and biodiversity on their property.

Read below case studies about current incentive projects detailing these landholders' activities as part of their on-ground project.

Incentive projects case study 2020 PDF, 1440.98 KB

Incentive projects case study 2021 PDF, 231.33 KB

Incentive projects case study 2023 PDF, 265.14 KB


The pasture trial commenced in September 2019 and has trialled a number of different pasture and crop trials to observe and showcase how these trials perform in the local conditions of the Greater Sydney basin.

To read about how this trial was first established, please click on the following case study:

Pasture trial case study 2020 PDF, 1440.98 KB

To read a summary of how this trial has progressed over 2020-21, please click on the following case study

Pasture trial case study 2021 PDF, 292.04 KB

To read up about the key findings of the trial, please click on the following case study.

Pasture trial case study 2023 PDF, 679.63 KB

To read seasonal updates about this rolling pasture trial from 2019 to 2023, please click on:

Snapshot report of pasture trial PDF, 1467.17 KB

Keep a watch for a series of videos that will be produced to show the full journey of this pasture trial.

Field days and demonstrations

Read more about the field day and demonstrations PDF, 5001.02 KB that have been undertaken in this project.

Pasture sowing field day September 2019

Soil testing demonstrations 2021

'Grass is greener after floods' field day 2022

particpants at a workshop

Horse field day 2023

participants at a horse workshop

Soils videos


Four workshops have been delivered on the topic of pastures and groundcover at three different locations in the Greater Sydney region. Read more about these workshops PDF, 344.35 KB.

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