Healthy Soils, Productive Pastures

The Healthy Soils, Productive Pastures project is funded under the Federal Government's National Landcare Program and aims to increase awareness and adoption of best practice land management to help improve and protect the condition of soil, biodiversity and vegetation.

This four year project will undertake the following activities:

  • Provide incentive funding for landholders to undertake on-ground projects on their property
  • Field trials at the LLS Demonstration farm in Richmond
  • Field days and demonstration days to showcase best land management practices
  • Workshops on various topics such as pastures and soil health

This project will assist landholders in their agricultural production through a combination of activities that focus on improving soil health, pasture condition, native vegetation and biodiversity on-farm while reducing soil erosion.

Incentive projects

Read about the incentive projects in the case studies below.

If you are interested in improving your grazing management, paddock alignment, soil health and/or pasture selection, call Linda Hanlon on 0400 454 680 to see if you are eligible for a grant to undertake such activities on your property.


Currently, the pasture trial is continuing from when it began in October 2019. Read more about the trial and initial results in the case studies below.

Keep a watch out for the Demonstration Plot videos to see the full journey of the pasture trial, as we clean up and renovate the site for next year.


Due to COVID 19, planned workshops in the earlier part 2020 were cancelled. With some of the easing of COVID restrictions, Pasture Recovery Workshops were delivered in October 2020. Further workshops will be undertaken in 2021 looking at soils and pastures.

Case Studies

Pasture trial case study 2020 PDF, 415.38 KB

Pasture trial case study 2021 PDF, 286.97 KB

Incentive projects case study 2020 PDF, 1451.72 KB

Incentive projects case study 2021 PDF, 248.77 KB

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