Have my say and give feedback

Local Land Services is committed to engaging and connecting local communities, industry and land manager groups. We encourage collaboration and shared responsibility by involving our communities, stakeholders, industries and non-government organisations to make the best use of local knowledge and expertise.

Your opinion is important to us. You can have your say through:

  • workshops and community meetings
  • stakeholder meetings and round tables
  • online consultations
  • surveys
  • community advisory groups
  • local Boards.

Giving feedback

At Local Land Services, we want to continually improve the quality of the services we provide. Please use the Your feedback tab on the right of this page if you wish to give us a compliment, make a complaint or send a suggestion.

What is Feedback Assist?

Feedback Assist is a new customer feedback system available now on government websites which aims to give customers consistency and efficiency in complaint management across the sector. Feedback can be provided through an easily accessible widget appearing on the right hand side of your screen when on the website. This widget is also accessible from regional landing pages and on the Soil Conservation Service website. This simple and effective widget provides another contact point for customers to lodge compliments, complaints and suggestions.

How does it work?

The widget consists of a happy face a sad face and a lightbulb, by clicking the relevant icon you can submit your feedback.

Once feedback has been submitted an automatically generated reference number will be issued and the option to have your feedback followed up directly with you if you nominate to receive a response.

Who can use Feedback Assist?

Anyone can use the widget to provide feedback, including members of the public, customers and staff.

What happens when I provide feedback?

Any information provided will be assessed and given to the appropriate business unit or person. Where a complaint is made, the matter is triaged and assessed and handled accordingly in line with Local Land Services complaint handling policy and procedures.

How will my privacy be protected?

Professional Standards monitor feedback provided through the widget and all information including personal details are handled in accordance with Local Land Services Code of Conduct and relevant policies and acts, such as Privacy Act 1988, NSW Digital Information Security Policy, NSW Cloud Policy and ISO 27001.

Community advisory groups

Under the Local Land Services Act 2013, each Local Land Services board has established one or more local community advisory groups for its region.

Community advisory group members are suitably qualified to serve on the group and representative of the interests of the local community and stakeholders in the region.

To find out more about your community advisory group in your region, contact your Local Land Services office.

Local board

Local Land Services boards are made up of Government appointments and ratepayer elected positions. Learn about board members in your region.

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