NSW is struggling through one of the worst droughts on record, and it’s not just our farmers that are being hit hard. The crippling effects have spread beyond the farm gate and are being felt by towns, cities, workers, families and businesses large and small, right across the state.

Since the beginning of 2018, more than 7,500 landholders have attended workshops and information sessions to get advice on animal nutrition, pasture management and livestock health. These events also allow us to connect landholders with information and support from other specialists.

We are continuing to help landholders manage their farming businesses during these challenging times.

Drought support

In response to the ongoing drought and outlook for the season ahead, the NSW Government extended and increased its drought support package in the 2019-20 Budget.

The NSW Government’s $1.8 billion Drought Emergency Relief Package provides financial support and practical aid to help alleviate some of the immediate pressures facing our farmers and regional communities. It also helps stimulate local economies with $170 million in infrastructure spending in rural and regional communities.

Available assistance includes subsidies on transport costs for fodder, stock and water; waiving Local Land Services rates, waiving fixed water costs and Farm Innovation Fund interest fees; and providing no-interest loans of up to $1 million to build on-farm infrastructure such as sheds, silos, stockyards and more.

Find out more about the NSW Government Drought Emergency Relief Package.

NSW DPI DroughtHub

The NSW Government’s DroughtHub provides full details of the wide range of practical and financial support available to people and businesses across the state. This includes information on:

  • available drought assistance
  • latest drought maps
  • state seasonal updates
  • managing during drought
  • water resources during drought
  • animal welfare during drought
  • wellbeing
  • assistance near you
  • drought news and media.

Your regional Local Land Services will also have your local staff contacts, events and information to support you through drought conditions.

Local drought contacts and resources

For more assistance with drought:

If you require assistance with drought transport subsidies, financial assistance, or are in need of (or know someone who may be in need of) rural financial counselling services, please contact the Rural Assistance Authority forms (RAA) on 1800 678 593.

Australian Government drought and rural support

The Australian Government has released a drought response, resilience and preparedness plan, with three themes:

  • immediate action for those in drought
  • support for the wider communities affected by drought
  • long-term resilience and preparedness.

Find out more and see what support is available.

Need help with your RAA drought forms?

We can help farmers access and submit RAA from our regional Local Land Services offices. Our staff don’t have your records on file, so you must bring with you:

  • ABN or ACN
  • address and contact details (including email)
  • type and number of stock being transported and cost of freight
  • bank account details
  • recent rates notice (council and Local Land Services)
  • owner carrier details (registration papers) or carrier tax invoice.

Find out more about RAA form support.

Guides and resources

As drought conditions continue to persist across the state, we are continuing to help landholders manage their farming businesses during these challenging times.

Our staff are present in the paddock to support landholders, and have also produced a range of resources to help you manage through drought.

See what Local Land Services information is available.

There are also a range of publications, factsheets and apps on the NSW DPI DroughtHub and elsewhere, including:

Find out more about drought support

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