Flood recovery

Local Land Services provides leadership in flood recovery support and advice to impacted landholders after an emergency response has wound down.

This includes:​

  • Animal assessment and veterinary advice and assistance​
  • Livestock feeding and management advice​
  • Pasture, cropping and horticulture recovery advice​
  • Plant and animal biosecurity surveillance and advice​
  • Erosion control and riverbank restoration advice​

Landholders requiring further assistance can contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

Early Needs Recovery Program

The $13 million Early Needs Recovery Program is designed to assist primary producers in the most flood-impacted regions and industries of NSW in their recovery from the 2022 NSW severe weather storms and flooding events (AGRN1012). You can watch some of the program's achievements in these case study videos.

Further resources

A herd of cows walking through brown flood waters on a property
Disaster advice for primary producers

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cattle alongside flooded river
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Managing feed and fodder risks

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cattle alongside flooded river North Coast
Animal disposal after a natural disaster

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Flooded pasture
Pasture recovery after flood

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Crop of green wheat in paddock
Planting pasture and crops after flood

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Denitrification in cropping (cereals)

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Crop of green wheat in paddock
Weed management in crops and pastures after flooding

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Identifying weeds after a flood

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A field of crops
Managing waterlogging in crops

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On-farm composting of flood spoilage

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A riverbank that is badly eroded
Managing erosion before and after floods

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Creek with fallen over trees due to erosion of bank
Undertaking erosion work following floods

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