Flood recovery

Local Land Services has transitioned out of the emergency response and is now leading flood recovery for impacted landholders across NSW.

We provide leadership in flood recovery support and advice to impacted landholders after an emergency response has wound down. This includes:​

  • Animal assessment and veterinary advice and assistance​
  • Livestock feeding and management advice​
  • Pasture, cropping and horticulture recovery advice​
  • Plant and animal biosecurity surveillance and advice​
  • Erosion control and riverbank restoration advice​

Landholders requiring further assistance can contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

Flood Recovery Newsletter

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cattle alongside flooded river
Livestock health after flood

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Flooded pasture
Pasture recovery after flood

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Crop of green wheat in paddock
Planting pasture and crops after flood

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Crop of green wheat in paddock
Weed management in crops and pastures after flooding

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On-farm composting of flood spoilage

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cattle alongside flooded river North Coast
Animal disposal after flood

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Saturated paddock, it has flooded in some parts
Major Flood Recovery Programs

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A person standing in a paddock, image is from the point of view of looking down at a pair of muddy boots in a very muddy field
On farm flood factsheets

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Fence that has been in the floods, now covered in debris
Industry support

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Macadamia orchard that has competently flooded, the tops of the small trees can just be seen, the water goes to the horizon
Funding and other support

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three horses are up their shoulders in flood water, it is an aerial view of them surrounded by flood waters
Support for Other Organisations

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