Farm Forestry

Farm Forestry is the sustainable management of native forests on private property for timber production. This can include the harvesting of timber for a variety of products such as flooring, construction timber, power poles, furniture and firewood.

At Local Land Services, we’re responsible for private native forestry advice and approvals. The NSW Environment Protection Authority is responsible for compliance and enforcement of private native forestry.

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Private native forestry review

Under the NSW Forestry Industry Roadmap the Government is reforming the regulatory framework for forestry in NSW. This includes a comprehensive review of farm forestry.

The PNF Review was commenced with the aim to balance the sustainable development of the farm forestry and agricultural industries while recognising the environmental values of the farm forest estate.

The NSW Government released new PNF Codes of Practice on 2 May 2022. The new PNF Codes of Practice can be found here.

Any queries regarding the PNF Review can be emailed to

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