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Once you have a Private Native Forestry Plan (PNF Plan) you may be ready to undertake your own forest management. While some experienced landholders undertake their own forest management activities, many engage a consultant or contractor to assist them in activities such as planning, management and harvesting and regeneration.

You can find a copy of the Private Native Forestry Codes here. The PNF Codes outline the operating standards and environmental protections for farm forestry in NSW.

You can find supporting material to help landholders conduct farm forestry operations here.

If you are interested in engaging a forestry professional to help mange your forest consistent with your long-term objectives, there are a range of professional associations, training and certification schemes that can assist you in finding a forestry professional.

You can find information on working with a contractor here.


Forestry Australia is a professional association of forest scientists, professionals and forest growers aimed at integrated forest management that balances sustainable management, environmental outcomes and community needs.

Forestry Australia facilitates the Registered Forestry Professional Scheme which requires forestry professionals to meet a series of eligibility criteria including a tertiary degree in forestry or related field and at least 30 hours of continuing professional development and a commitment to the Forestry Australia Code of Conduct.

The Registered Forestry Scheme is subject to audit by an independent external auditor who reviews and assesses the scheme to ensure it is meeting its objectives.

You can find a link to Forestry Australia’s Registered Forestry Professional Scheme here.


In 2018 the NSW Government announced $4.6 million over four years to support training and certification for forestry contractors operating in native and plantation forests in NSW.

The scheme has been jointly developed by the NSW Government with the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) who have been responsible for the delivery of the scheme.

The ForestFit is the training and certification pilot facilitated by AFCA to deliver:

  • a nationally recognised and endorsed forest contractor pilot training program, and
  • certification for contracting business who meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Visit the ForestFit website to find more information on the training program

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