Private native forestry plans and forest management plans

We work with landholders who want to conduct private native forestry to guide them through the approval process.

Once an approval (Private Native Forestry Plan) has been obtained, our staff provide information and advice to help landholders, consultants and contractors develop a Forest Management Plan in line with the relevant Private Native Forestry Code of Practice for their region.

About Private Native Forestry Plans

A Private Native Forestry Plan is an approval to undertake private native forestry for a period of up to 15 years. The plan contains:

  • a satellite image or aerial photograph of your property that identifies where you can conduct forestry and the areas that must be protected such as rainforest, old-growth forest, threatened species habitat and drainage features
  • an agreement that outlines your rights and responsibilities under the relevant Private Native Forestry Code of Practice.

To apply for a Private Native Forestry Plan PDF, 125.09 KB please complete the application from ensuring all current landowners sign the application, before submitting via email at

Once a Private Native Forestry Plan is in place, landholders and contractors must meet the requirements of the relevant Private Native Forestry Code of Practice.

This includes the need to complete a Forest Management Plan before undertaking private native forestry operations.

Find out more about Private Native Forestry Plans by reading our farm forestry information package PDF, 2318.45 KB.

About Forest Management Plans

A Forest Management Plan describes the proposed forestry operations within your Private Native Forestry Plan area.

The Forest Management Plan (previously Forest Operation Plan) is required under the PNF Codes of Practice, except where small scale harvesting is proposed. The Forest Management Plan must be submitted to Local Land Services using the template and be approved by LLS before forestry operations commence.

The Forest Management Plan template can be found below.

Before starting your Forest Management Plan, you need to know your region or forest type to ensure you understand the relevant environmental and operating conditions.

The Forest Management Plan map, template and guidelines will be provided with a Private Native Forestry Plan approved by Local Land Services.

Once completed and approved by Local Land Services, the Forest Management Plan must be available on-site during forestry operations as well as a copy of your PNF Plan approval.

Download the template for Forest Management Plans.

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