Allowable activities for private native forestry

Clearing for allowable activities does not require approval under the Local Land Services Act 2013. Allowable activities cover a range of routine land management activities associated with agriculture, forestry and other common practices in rural areas.

The private native forestry framework provides flexibility to landholders, allowing you to efficiently undertake low risk routine land management activities. There are three Allowable Activity Zones in NSW:

  1. Western
  2. Central
  3. Coastal Zones.

The maximum clearing distances for allowable activities are different for each zone and reduced on small landholdings. Small landholdings are properties less than 40 hectares in the Western Zone, and less than 10 hectares in other Zones.

Allowable activities can occur on Category 2 - regulated land.

Where land is classed as Category 2 - vulnerable regulated land or Category 2 - regulated sensitive land, allowable activities are limited. Find out more about land categories in NSW.

For information on the allowable activities for private native forestry, download the Allowable activities for Private Native Forestry factsheet   PDF, 2511.87 KB

More information

For information about the allowable activities including areas covered by a Private Native Forestry Plan, contact your nearest private native forestry officer.

You can also call us on 1300 795 299 or email

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