Our major projects and programs

Major Projects

Local Land Services is currently delivering a number of targeted major projects to protect and improve our natural resources, and to assist landholders to improve primary production and adopt sustainable land management practices. These major projects generally run for two to three years and have pre-determined activities and outcomes to deliver for landholders, stakeholders, communities and funding providers.

Going Ahead With Goats

The Going Ahead with Goats Project will assist goat producers and the goat industry thrive into the future, with an aim to accelerate the adoption of goat Research & Development (R&D) and grow market share, both domestically and in the export market, for Western NSW goat producers.

Read more about the Going Ahead with Goats Project.

Measuring What Matters

At Local Land Services we aim to provide services which support you to manage your farm in a bio-secure, profitable and sustainable manner. Our Measuring What Matters Project will allow us to get direct feedback from our customers.

Read more about Measuring What Matters.

Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks

The NSW Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks Program provided landholders along priority reaches in the northern Murray-Darling basin funding assistance to undertake on-ground projects.

Read more about the Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks Program.

Riverbank Rehabilitation Project

Local Land Services is currently delivering the $18.46 million Riverbank Rehabilitation Project on behalf of the NSW and Australian Governments in response to the NSW storm and high rainfall events of February and March 2021.

Read more about the Riverbank Rehabilitation Project.

Early Needs Recovery Project

The $13 million Early Needs Recovery Project is part of the $150 million Primary Industry Support Package which is co-funded by the Australian and NSW governments. The program aims to support primary producers in the most flood-impacted regions and industries of NSW to regain productivity.

Read more about the Early Needs Recovery Project.

Reconnecting River Country

The Reconnecting River Country Program aims to improve wetland and floodplain connectivity and health of Country by striking a balance between economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes across southern NSW.

Read more about the Reconnecting River Country Project.

Liverpool Plains Biodiversity Enhancement Project

Local Land Services is actively managing more than 6,000 hectares of high biodiversity land spread across sites at Breeza, Barraba, Mt Watermark and Tambar Springs. The land was formally acquired in January 2022 from China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, following a $100 million agreement with the NSW Government.

Read more about the Liverpool Plains Biodiversity Enhancement Project.

Saving Our Soils Project

Saving Our Soils During Drought (SOS) is an adoption project funded by the Future Drought Fund Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes Grants Program (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) in partnership with the Southern NSW Drought Hub.

Read more about the Saving Our Soils Project.

Drought Adoption Officers

We have engaged Drought Adoption Officers in five regions across the state to assist landholders with drought planning and preparedness extension services.

Read more about the Drought Adoption Officers program.

Feral Pig Program 2023-2024

Local Land Services is currently delivering the 2023/24 $13 million Feral Pig Program on behalf of the NSW Government in response to widespread numbers of feral pigs across NSW.

Read more about the Feral Pig Program 2023-2024.

Natural Heritage Trust Projects

We are delivering more projects across NSW during 2023–28 under the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust.

Read more about the Natural Heritage Trust projects 2023–28.

Major Programs

The major programs being delivered by Local Land Services generally involve a number of components or stages to be achieved and delivered against, all coordinated and delivered through a central program.

NSW Landcare Enabling program 2023-2027

The NSW Government has committed $59 million to Landcare and Landcare activities in NSW over the next 4 years through the NSW Landcare Enabling Program 2023-2027.

Find out more about the NSW Landcare Enabling Program.

Foot-and-mouth Disease Prevention and Preparedness Program

The Foot-and-mouth Disease Prevention and Preparedness Program has been working towards improving NSW’s capacity to prepare for and respond to emergency animal diseases over 2022-23.

Read more about foot-and-mouth Disease Prevention and Preparedness Program.

Fencing Biosecure Production Zones and Pest Knockout Grant Program

The NSW Government is supporting landholders in Western NSW in the fight against pest animals, pest plants and unmanaged grazing pressure through a new $3.7 million initiative which will also help landholders prepare for emergency animal disease outbreaks.

Read more about the Fencing Biosecure Production Zones and Pest Knockout Grant Program.

Farming Forward

As part of the Farming Forward program, Local Land Services agricultural services staff across NSW will deliver a series of workshops and extension services focussing drought preparedness and planning, soils intelligence, and livestock production.

Read more about Farming Forward.

Aboriginal Ranger Program

Through this program, Aboriginal Rangers will have access to culturally safe training, mentoring and support across all areas of the Local Land Services business, including conservation and ecosystem management, pest animal control and Aboriginal site identification and protection.

The program began in July 2022 and is being delivered across the Central West, Murray, Riverina and North West Local Land Services regions. The program will run until December 2023.

Read more about the Aboriginal Ranger Program.

Environmental Markets Leadership Program NSW

Are you a land manager or farmer who wants to be rewarded for your natural capital protection and environmental stewardship activities?

Do you plant trees, invest in your soil, rehabilitate your waterways, or provide habitat for wildlife on your property?

Do you want to learn from others who are making natural capital and environmental markets part of their farming business and property management?

Read more about the Environmental Markets Leadership Program.

Every Bit Counts - Engaging small landholdings

The Every Bit Counts program has been developed to give people with small landholdings access to the best available knowledge, advice and to peer-to-peer support networks for small farms and lifestyle properties.

The program works across the North Coast, Hunter, Greater Sydney and South East Local Land Services regions to create real and long lasting on-ground change.

Read more about Every Bit Counts.

Graduate Program

We launched our Graduate Program in 2022. The Program provides a great pathway for university graduates to join the workforce and receive dedicated support and development opportunities through on the job experience, mentoring, training and engagement with landholders and stakeholders.

Read more about the Graduate Program.

Landcare Riparian Restoration Grants

The $3 million Landcare Riparian Restoration Grants program (formerly Landcare small grants program) will give Landcare and natural resource management groups across regional NSW the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $50,000 to carry out riverbank restoration work.

Read more about the Landcare Riparian Restoration Grants.

Marine Estate Management Strategy

The NSW Government is committed to protecting the state’s coast and estuaries and support stronger coastal communities and industries through the Marine Estate Management Strategy.

Read more about the Marine Estate Management Strategy.

NSW Wild Dog Fence Extension project

The NSW Government is working with stakeholders and landholders to deliver a 32 km extension to the current NSW Border Wild Dog Fence (commonly known as the dog fence) on the NSW and South Australian borders.

Read more about the NSW Wild Dog Fence Extension project.

Supporting Our Neighbours program

Applications for the Supporting our Neighbours public land boundary fencing program have closed.

Between April 2020 and March 2021, more than $40 million was provided to landholders to help fund the re-construction of nearly 8,500 kilometres of fencing bordering public lands that were damaged during the 2019/20 bushfire season.

Read more about the Supporting Our Neighbours public land boundary fencing program.

Western Tracks collaring program

The Western Tracks project has been driven by landholders and stakeholders who want to develop a better understanding of wild dog and feral pig movements in the Western region of NSW.

Read more about the Western Tracks project.