NSW Landcare Program

Local Land Services works in partnership with Landcare NSW to deliver programs and actions to support Landcare volunteer networks across NSW.

The partnership

Together, Local Land Services and Landcare NSW are committed to empowering local communities and Landcare groups to deliver sustainable agriculture and to best manage the state’s natural resources.

The thriving partnership between Local Land Services and Landcare NSW has been in place since 2015, delivering a program that empowers people to take action on local problems and deliver outcomes across local and regional issues.

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Current Landcare Program

The current NSW Landcare Program (2019 – 2023) is a $22.4 million investment co-delivered by Local Land Services and NSW Landcare, supported by the NSW Government and overseed by a joint management committee.

The program supports 50 Landcare groups and networks to employ 84 part-time local and regional Landcare coordinators. These in turn support over 880 Landcare groups.

Key components of the program include:

  • Employment of 72 local and 12 regional coordinator positions
  • Community of practice support including funding for landcare groups and coordinators to share knowledge and build capacity
  • Professional development support for coordinators
  • Working Together Program to improve engagement between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities to share traditional land management practices and cultural heritage
  • State landcare conferences and gatherings to share knowledge, improve connectedness and celebrate achievement and
  • Promotion, online presence and case studies to promote and share Landcare knowledge.

This Program builds on the previous Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative, an investment of $15m over 4 years (2015-2019). This initiative supported 71 local Landcare Coordinators in NSW.

The current program ceases on the 30 June 2023.

To find your regional or local Landcare coordinator and for more information on the program, visit NSW Landcare Gateway.

Future Landcare Program

The NSW Government has committed $59 million dollars for a new four-year NSW Landcare program.

This program will be co-designed and co-delivered by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW and overseen by a Joint Management Committee.

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Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators

As part of the National Landcare Program, Local Land Services is a host organisation for state-wide Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators (RALFs). RALFs support farmers, industry and community groups (including Landcare Groups) to adopt new and innovative sustainable agriculture practices.

Find out more about the RALF services.


Landcare Riparian Restoration Grants

The NSW Government has committed $2.6m to the Landcare Riparian Restoration Grant as part of the broader NSW Government’s $200 million Regional Recovery Package. The Landcare Riparian Restoration Grant aims to restore riparian areas that have suffered cumulative damage from recent natural disasters including drought, floods and fires, in NSW.

The project is being managed by the Local Land Services Landcare Program team and complements the existing partnership between Local Land Services and Landcare NSW. Read more about the Landcare Riparian Restoration Grants.

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