Supporting our neighbours – public land boundary fencing program

Continuation and Landholder Agreement Acquittals

The impact of COVID19 restrictions on supply chains, availability of contractors, access to machinery and absentee landholder access to their properties, along with prolonged wet weather including flooding in some instances has resulted in some landholders being unable to construct fences within contract requirements. Acquittal has therefore been amended to include an extension, return of funds, or a hardship waiver based on meeting set criteria.

Supporting our Neighbours Program staff are available to discuss contractual obligations at

This form relates only to those landholders who have a contract under the Supporting Our Neighbours Fencing Program – following the 2019-20 Bushfires.

Information regarding your existing Agreement, acquittal and fencing construction has been recently sent to you by email/letter.

As outlined in this communication and after careful consideration, choose one option that you will be able to fulfil for your property. Staff will contact you regarding the evidence and signature required for program completion.

All applications will be assessed according to the defined criteria.

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What are you able to fulfill for your property? *

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