Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks Program

The Australian Government has committed $7.5 million in funding for the NSW Murray-Darling Basin communities and the environment with Local Land Services responsible for delivering the program.

The Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks Program will see a range of important works carried out that will provide practical support for landholders to protect valuable ecological sites and improve native fish habitat across the northern Basin.

A highlight of the program will be the construction of 500 kilometres of riparian riverbank fencing to control livestock access to environmentally sensitive waterways, reducing degradation of these important sites.

Other activities under the program will include woody weed control, revegetation, river re-snagging for fish habitat and minor erosion control works that protect native fish and contribute to a healthier river system.

The Fencing Northern Basin Riverbank Program is part of a $15 million investment the Australian Government has committed to NSW and Queensland to improve water quality, sustain native fish populations and keep farm animals safe in the Northern Basin.

NSW Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks Program Target River Reaches.

To receive program updates, including information on funding opportunities for landholders and community groups, click here or contact Local Land Services by clicking here.

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