Wild dog fence going off into the distance

NSW Wild Dog Fence Extension project

28 November 2023

The NSW Government is working with stakeholders and landholders to deliver a 32 km extension to the current NSW Border Wild Dog Fence (commonly known as the dog fence) on the NSW and South Australian borders. The 32 km priority section will close the gap between the NSW and South Australian fences and will be an important tool in the fight against wild dogs and other pest animal and biosecurity threats.

Map of Western NSW outlining the Wild Dog Fence Extension Project area

Project update

The project is focused on securing approvals and getting construction underway of the 32 km priority section. The project has made good progress on a number of activities that commenced from 13 November 2023, including:

  • surveying of the proposed alignment, which included the surveying of State Boundary markers for identification and protection
  • the surveyor is now drafting a report for the project which will help to inform construction methodology
  • undertaking Aboriginal cultural heritage mitigation works with local Aboriginal stakeholders, with a number of artefacts relocated
  • the Aboriginal cultural heritage works are continuing the week of 27 November
  • the project is continuing to work on finalising documentation with adjoining landholders and procurement activities for construction services.

Next steps

After these activities are completed, construction of the fence will commence. During the summer months (December – February) construction will be limited to activities that can be carried out safely in the hot conditions. From March, or when conditions allow, the next phase of construction will commence.

The project will keep stakeholders and landholders informed in the lead-up to construction commencing, including making regular updates to this webpage.

Managing the impacts of wild dogs

Local Land Services works with landholders and stakeholders to control wild dogs and mitigate their impacts on livestock, native animals, the local environment and industry. Landholders are encouraged to join their local pest animal group and participate in seasonal baiting programs for wild dogs, as well as undertaking other control activities including trapping and monitoring.

Landholders are encouraged to contact their local Biosecurity Officer via 1300 795 299 to discuss options for wild dog control and management. Visit our Wild dogs page for more information.

Further information

Delivery of the project is being managed by the Department of Regional NSW and involves agencies including the Soil Conservation Service, Local Land Services, NSW Public Works and the NSW Border Fence Maintenance Board. If you’d like further information about the project:

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