A fire burning, a cool burn, in the grass with a small group watching the fire.

Cool Burning for Culture and Ecological Knowledge

The Cool Burning for Culture and Ecological Knowledge project is a focus in the north-west region. The work aims to improve or maintain the condition of critically endangered White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland (BGGW) by increasing our understanding of the role that traditional fire management practices have in its protection and recovery.

The project will engage with and encourage First Nations people to restore and manage the ecological community with an appropriate fire regime, active abatement of threats, restoration and other conservation initiatives.

Local Elder advice and formal ecological assessment will inform site selection under precautionary principles to identify risks and prevent any loss to the ecological community.

Annual post-burn monitoring will be conducted for weed incursion and the ecological response to fire. This data, along with exercising cultural practices, will increase capacity to protect and recover the vegetation community.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Natural Heritage Trust.

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