MEMS case study - Mayfield Road, Pyree

Road upgrades help to get river health back on track

Runoff from unsealed or poorly drained roads and tracks can contribute to water pollution and affect the health of coastal lakes and estuaries.

This sediment and nutrient runoff impact negatively on water health, marine life, the riparian zone, local environment and primary production.

To address this challenge, the NSW Government, through its Marine Estate Management Strategy (MEMS), is providing opportunities for landholders and road managers to upgrade roads or tracks and reduce erosion along waterways in priority areas.

Opportunities for assistance may include:

  • sealing gravel roads
  • drainage improvements
  • rehabilitation and sediment controls on unused roads.

Local Land Services is assisting landholders and road managers in the North Coast, Hunter and South East regions, to improve roads and tracks.

The challenge

An unsealed section of Mayfield Road at Pyree on the NSW south coast required regular maintenance and contributed a significant amount of materials to Crookhaven Creek, impacting on water quality, marine life and overall health of the environment.

To address this issue, South East Local Land Services and Shoalhaven City Council worked together to seal the remaining 1.6 kilometer section of Mayfield Road that was unsealed.

A dirt road impacting a ceek
Mayfield Road prior to the works to seal it.

Work underway

With MEMS funding facilitated by South East Local Land Services, Shoalhaven City Council sealed the 1.6 kilometers of Mayfield Road and installed silt barriers along the road verge to filter road run off.

Sealing Mayfield Road represented a significant and necessary measure to improve the health of the Crookhaven Creek and associated floodplain areas.

Some of the stakeholders to directly benefit from the sealing of Mayfield Road include:

  • oyster farmers and the oyster industry
  • commercial and recreational fishermen and fisherwomen
  • river enthusiasts
  • local primary producers
  • local community.

The works come on the back of recent activities which have included the sealing of boat ramp areas at Myola, Broughton Creek, Swan Lake and Berringer Lake.

A sealed road going off into the misty distance
Mayfield Road after works to seal it were completed, with sediment no longer running into nearby waterways.

Lessons learnt and future projects

This project provided great outcomes for the local environment and all users of the Shoalhaven and Crookhaven waterways.

While pleased with the project and immediate benefits forthcoming from it, there is more work needed. This fact is not lost on South East Local Land Services.

South East Local Land Services will continue to work with and assist landholders and road managers to complete sediment and nutrient reduction works along coastal rivers and streams.

Download a PDF copy of the Mayfield Road case study PDF, 470.5 KB.

For more information

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