Board election 2020

The election of 34 locally-elected Local Land Service board members has now been called. This follows recent recruitment activity currently underway to fill 29 Ministerially-appointed positions. You can view a copy of the Election Notice here.

At Local Land Services, we are committed to and passionate about securing the future of agriculture and the environment for NSW communities.

Land management is constantly evolving, with new and innovative ideas being introduced every day to improve the way we enhance, protect and generate an income from our natural

That’s why it is so important that the Local Land Services Board and all local board members, are people who can work towards the long-term sustainability of our industry.

Each of our regions is unique and the issues faced in one region may differ from those in another. That is why our local boards are essential - to connect us with landholders and communities to identify what services are most relevant to local needs.

This is your chance to put your hand up and have a say about who will represent your community on your region’s Local Land Services Board. Australian Election Company has been appointed as the independent Returning Officer for the elections and will fulfill all statutory obligations relating to nominations and the election process.

Nominee information

You can download a copy of the Nominee Information Pack or read more about how to nominate here.

What has changed

Some amendments to the Local Land Services Regulation (2014) were approved in late 2019. The main ones impacting our customers are as follows:

  1. The requirement for occupiers to enrol to vote in local board elections has been removed. Instead, occupiers will automatically be included on the roll, and therefore entitled to vote at an election.
  2. Only one vote per person or company in each region is allowed, regardless of the number of holdings they might have in that region. If the person or company has a holding(s) in another region, they will have one vote in that region as well.
  3. Ratepayers across all Local Land Services regions are continue to be eligible to nominate as candidates and vote. However,  a person will now be considered ineligible if they have been bankrupt (or similar) in the last 15 years; or if the person has been convicted of an offence anywhere that, if committed in NSW, would be punishable by imprisonment for 12 months or more.

Click here for more information on voter eligibility.

You can find answers to the Frequently Answered Questions here PDF, 812.71 KB.

Key dates

Candidate nominations will open on Saturday 1 February 2020 and close 12:00 pm Friday 28 February 2020.

Voting will open 12:00 pm AEDT Thursday 9 April 2020 and close AEST 5:00 pm Friday 8 May 2020.

Election results will be announced in June.

Voting packs

We need to know if you’d prefer to receive your voting packs electronically or by post.

Let us know if you'd like to request a postal voting pack by 5:00 pm Monday 30 March 2020 or an electronic voting pack by 5:00 pm Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Preference for receipt of voting pack

Please let us know  if you'd like to receive an electronic or postal voting pack for the upcoming election.

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