Local board election

How to vote in the upcoming elections

To vote you must first request a voting pack, which can be sent to you electronically or by post. You can request a voting pack by either:

  1. Submitting your voting request online
  1. Calling 1300 795 299
  1. Visiting your local LLS office.

Request a voting pack

Postal voting pack requests close 3 May. 

Electronic voting pack requests close 12 June.

Voting opens 9 am Tuesday 21 May 2024 and closes 5 pm Friday 14 June 2024.

Am I eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are an individual, who is 18 or more years old and an occupier of a rateable holding under the LLS Act 2013. The holding may consist of wholly or partly rateable land.

If you are not an individual (for example, your holding is managed by a company, partnership or trust) or there are two or more occupiers of a holding, you can nominate an authorised representative to vote on your behalf.

If multiple holdings in a region are owned by the same occupier, only one vote may be cast on behalf of the holdings concerned. If an occupier owns holdings, in multiple LLS regions, you are eligible to vote in the election of each region.

Voting is not compulsory, but it will help ensure your local board reflects your needs.

Key dates

Voting pack requests: Open 18 March

Postal pack close: 3 May

Electronic pack close: 12 June

Voting: Open 21 May | Close 14 June

Election announcement: Beginning of July

Notice of election - local boards

Have your say on decisions that affect your region.

In 2024 Local Land Services (LLS) will be holding 11 elections in the 11 LLS regions to fill 34 local board member roles.

  • Central Tablelands (3)
  • Central West (3)
  • Greater Sydney (3)
  • Hunter (3)
  • Murray (3)
  • North Coast (3)
  • North West (3)
  • Northern Tablelands (3)
  • Riverina (3)
  • South East (3)
  • Western (4).

Call for candidate nominations has now closed.

Candidate nominations opened 18 March 2024 and closed 14 April 2024.

Map outlining the canidates in each region - Central Tablelands (3), Central West (3), Greater Sydney (3), Hunter (3), Murray (3), North Coast (3), North West (3), Northern Tablelands (3), Riverina (3), South East (3), Western (4)

What do local boards do?

Local boards work with landholders and communities to identify and provide services that meet local needs. They focus on setting the strategic direction for their region, promoting services, fostering partnerships and nurturing strong relationships with stakeholders. They advocate for their community and identify priorities for investment.

Additional election information

The electoral roll for conducting the 2024 elections will be as at 18 March 2024. A copy of the electoral roll is available for inspection. You may inspect your entry on the electoral roll for free, by contacting the returning officer. Please notify the returning officer in writing of any administrative errors before 5 pm Friday 31 May 2024.

For further election information or enquiries

Email: returning.officer@lls.nsw.gov.au

Phone: 1300 795 299

Visit: your local LLS office