The Local Land Services Act

The NSW Parliament passed the Local Land Services Bill 2013, paving the way for 11 regional Local Land Services organisations to operate from 2014.

The Local Land Services Act 2013 formalised the establishment of Local Land Services which became operational in 2014. It repealed the Rural Lands Protection Act 1998, the Rural Lands Protection Amendment Act 2008 and the Catchment Management Authorities Act 2003.

The legislation makes NSW the only State where publicly-funded biosecurity, natural resources management and agricultural advisory services are provided by a single organisation.

Our organisation is formed from Catchment Management Authorities, Livestock Health and Pest Authorities and some advisory services of the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The Local Land Services Act 2013, supported by the Local Land Services Regulation 2014 puts local decision making and priority setting at the centre of the new Local Land Services.

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