Strategic plans

The Minister for Primary Industries endorsed the State Strategic Plan and 11 local strategic plans after a six-week consultation period in 2015.

The community, our customers and key stakeholders were consulted in a variety of ways, including:

  • individual briefings
  • public meetings
  • community advisory groups
  • the Local Land Services online engagement tool.

2020-2030 State Strategic Plan consultation has now closed

The 2020-2030 State Strategic Plan is deliberately high level so that it clearly articulates our priorities, and to ensure we can report outcomes succinctly. The consultation period has now closed.

State Strategic Plan: 2016-26

The State Strategic Plan sets the vision, goals and strategies for Local Land Services. It defines organisational priorities and outlines the way services will be delivered to build resilient communities and meet local needs.

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Local Strategic Plans: 2016-21

Each of the 11 Local Land Services regions has developed a local strategic plan which identifies local priorities and explains how the goals and strategies of the State Strategic Plan will be achieved.

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