Strategic plans

The Local Land Services State Strategic Plan sets the vision, goals and strategies for the organisation. It defines the organisational priorities and outlines the way services will be delivered to build resilient communities and meet local needs.

State Strategic Plan

In December 2020, the Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW signed off on our 2020-30 State Strategic Plan. This new plan is deliberately high level and clearly articulates our priorities to ensure we can report outcomes succinctly.

Rapid advancements in technology and how they affect our industries, and our ability to improve service delivery, is significant to our future direction. We will foster innovation and adopt new ways to do business to optimise our performance.

Recognising our people are our greatest strength is a key goal of this plan. Local Land Services has built a strong reputation of working professionally and collaboratively with industry, across government and on ground with our customers to achieve respect, trust and common goals. A commitment to stakeholder engagement is widely acknowledged as key to our future success.

Local Land Services State Strategic Plan  PDF, 487.25 KB

Local Strategic Plans

Every five years, local strategic plans for each of our 11 regions are updated to ensure our customers will receive effective, regionally specific support.

In May 2021, we embarked on an extensive consultation process anchored in the use of the NSW Government’s “Have Your Say” portal. Over 2,200 people engaged with us providing feedback, new ideas and responses to a priorities survey.

Nestled under the State Strategic Plan, the new regional plans outline the way we do business. They set out how we make decisions locally and how we deliver value-for-money services, based on the needs of our customers, stakeholders and investors in each Local Land Services region. Read more about the local strategic plans and supporting documents below.

Public consultation period

The Local Land Services local strategic plans went out for public consultation on Monday 10 May 2021 and closed on  Sunday 6 June 2021.

The feedback received during the consultation period was invaluable and we thank the community and our stakeholders for taking the time to comment on the local plans.

Take a look at how the online engagements performed through our snapshot report.

Local Land Services local strategic plan public consultation performance report. PDF, 5904.76 KB

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