Our senior management team and structure

The relationship between the Local Land Services Board, local Boards, and management is crucial for our organisation to achieve the same vision and objectives.

Our senior management team

Our senior leaders include:

  • Local Land Services Chief Executive Officer – Steve Orr
  • Executive Director, Regional Operations - Rob Kelly
  • Executive Director, Policy - Jacqueline Tracey
  • Executive Director, Business Operations - Kyleah Hayes
  • Chief Financial Officer – Matt Walker
  • Director, Strategy. Performance and Governance – Sue-Anne Nicol
  • Director, Statewide Programs, Gary Rodda
  • Director, ICT and Solutions – Robyn Silk
  • Director, Land Management Policy - Liam Hogg
  • Director, Emergency Operations - Andrew Mulligan.

Our general managers

Our regional general managers lead their staff to deliver local on-ground results. They drive regional collaboration and customer and investor services.

  • Central West – Andrew Lieschke (acting)
  • Central Tablelands – Ian Shepherd
  • Hunter – Brett Miners
  • Greater Sydney – Sharon Elliott
  • North West – James Hutchinson-Smith
  • Northern Tablelands – Paul Hutchings
  • North Coast – Louise Orr
  • Murray – Patrick Westwood
  • Riverina – Ray Willis
  • South East – Luke Pope
  • Western – Erlina St Vincent.

Our accountabilities

The relationship between our statewide Board, local Boards and management is important to ensure that Local Land Services works within the same vision and objectives.

These relationships are founded on a clear and mutual understanding of our roles and accountabilities. This means we can respect each other’s responsibilities, contributions and expectations and we share relevant and timely information.

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