Our Board

Riverina Local Land Services is governed by a board of local people.

Board members work closely with landholders and local communities to identify and deliver services that are relevant to local needs.

Local boards are comprised of a mix of Ministerially-appointed and elected board members who bring a wealth of skills, experience and commitment to the organisation.

The Chair and three board members are appointed by the Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales while the remaining three board members are elected by Local Land Services ratepayers.

Together they focus on the strategic direction of the organisation, promoting the services offered, encouraging partnerships and building strong relationships with investors while also communicating the priorities and concerns of customers to local boards.

Section 29 of the Local Land Services Act 2013 sets out the functions of local boards. They are legally binding and should be interpreted as the definitive reference regarding the role of local boards.


Barney Hyams, Batlow

Barney is from Batlow and has had more than 30 years involvement in agriculture and horticulture. He has served as a Director of Summerfruit Australia and as a state representative for the Australian apple and pear industry. He has also served as a Director of the Batlow Fruit Cooperative, held several senior positions with the NSW Farmers Association and sat on local government committees. This is Barney’s third term on the Riverina Local land Services Board and his second term as Chair.


Diana Gibbs, Wagga Wagga

Diana has a background in resource economics and works professionally in this field in her own practice in the Riverina. She is the director of her family pastoral company near Wagga Wagga and has a background in governance. This is Diana’s second term on the Riverina Local Land Services Board.

Gillian Kirkup, Leeton

Gillian has a farming background in the Riverina. She currently owns and farms irrigation properties near Leeton. She has strong leadership skills and background on several boards. She is a director of SunRice and regularly hosts students, international visitors, and other delegations on her Riverina farm to showcase best practice farming. This is Gillian’s first term on the Riverina Local Land Services Board.

Elke Cleverdon, Young

Elke is from Young and is a partner in a broadacre grain and beef production farming enterprise. She is an experienced non-executive director and Chair with a background in banking, finance, audit and risk. This is her second term on the Riverina Local Land Services Board.


Alison Hamilton, Wagga Wagga

Alison is a beef cattle producer and consultant based near Wagga Wagga. Alison has been operating her own agricultural consulting business for more than 10 years. She is a passionate advocate for education and for women in agriculture and is a part-time TAFE teacher, teaching courses in agriculture and livestock. This is Alison’s first term on the Riverina Local Land Services Board.

Paul Funnell, Collingullie

Paul has a background in agriculture and operates an irrigation and mixed farming property at Collingullie. Paul is actively involved in a number of community groups and initiatives and is a councillor on Wagga Wagga City Council. He is passionate about the future of agriculture and the challenges the industry faces. This is Paul’s second term on the Riverina Local Land Services Board.

Bill Kingwill, Adjungbilly

Bill has a lengthy background in agriculture. He is a 4th generation grazier, producing fat lambs, superfine wool and beef cattle and he previously worked in the shearing industry. He has been the Adjungbilly bushfire brigade Rural Fire Service captain for past 32 year and is a founding member of Adjungbilly cooperative wild dog and fox management plan. This is Bill’s first term on the Riverina Local Land Services Board.