2020/21 - Grants and funding

Recovering our regions

Landholders in Murray and Riverina Local Land Services regions who were impacted by the Dunns Road and Green Valley bushfires in January 2020 are invited to apply for funding to continue recovery efforts. Recovering our regions is a program to assist landholders with weed control, pest animal control and livestock welfare on bushfire affected properties.

Grants to the value of $5000 will be available for each of the following activities subject to landholders being able to meet key eligibility criteria. Landholders are able to apply for a $5000 grant under each stream (that is, a maximum of $15,000 may be applied for per landholder - not per holding).

Weed control

Funding will be made available to undertake control of Blackberry, Coolatai Grass, Scotch Broom, Chilean Needlegrass, or Cane Needlegrass.

Pest animal management

Funding will be made available to undertake pest animal harbour destruction. Eligible
activities include spraying to control Blackberry and/or Sweet Briar and other rabbit
harbour destruction work.

Livestock welfare

A number of works may be funded to enhance livestock health and welfare. These include:

  • Rehabilitation of pasture
  • Establishment of shade and shelter trees
  • Improvements to livestock watering infrastructure
  • Contribution to development of stock management areas

Expressions Of Interest will be open from Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 5pm and will close on Friday 30 October 2020 at 5pm.

Click here to access the flyer for full information including eligibility criteria.

Click here to submit an Expression Of Interest.

Questions? Contact Project Officer Keeley Warren (0437 219 152).

Assessing your feed and water quality for improved stock productivity

Landholders in the Riverina Local Land Services region are invited to take part in a project to assess the value and quality of their existing on farm stock feed and water sources.

As well as providing advice, this project will increase your knowledge of the value and quality of current livestock feed rations coming from grain, forage, silage and or hay through the provision of prepaid DPI feed quality service test kits. This service would be beneficial to understand quality of pasture or crop before harvest for silage or hay production. Also, prepaid DPI water test kits will be available to each landholder to assist with better understand the water quality of farm dams and/or bores and/or streams. This learning is to show how to improve livestock productivity by balancing stock nutrient requirements with what is supplied from available on farm feed and water supplies.

This project opens Monday 7 September 2020 and closes Friday 30 October 2020. Please note, orders will not be taken prior to September 7 to ensure equitable access.

Click here to view the flyer with full information including eligibility.

Paddocks for Plains-wanderers incentive project: 2020/21

The Paddocks for Plains-wanderers Incentive Project is one project that is part of a broader program to secure Plains-wanderers in the Riverina. Landholders within the project area with greater than 100 hectares of Plains-wanderer primary habitat are invited to apply for funding (subject to landholder eligibility). Landholders play a key role in preserving habitat for this species, as strategic grazing management is crucial to conserving their ideal habitat.

Funding is available for activities including stock proof fencing, stock watering points,Stock Management Areas and other feeding infrastructure, boxthorn control, fox baiting and rabbit control.

Expressions Of Interest for this project are now open and close on November 30.

To find out more about this project, visit our National Landcare Program page.

Click here to open the Paddocks for Plains-wanderers 2020/21 incentive pack with full details.

Click here to submit an Expression Of Interest by November 30.

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