Commmunity Advisory Groups

Riverina Community Advisory Groups are established to represent the community views and provide advice to the Riverina Local Land Services Board.

These groups provide the opportunity for Riverina Local Land Services to gain valuable and practical input from members of our community, across a broad range of issues associated with the services provided by Riverina Local Land Services.

Purpose of the Riverina Community Advisory Groups

  • provide input into the development of local strategic plans
  • seek input from the group during project planning and development phases
  • seek input from the group on the range of services to be provided
  • provide a forum for focussed and sustained discussion
  • provide a conduit between the Board of Riverina Local Land Services and the community on the issues that need to be addressed by Riverina Local Land Services
  • seek input about the issues important to the community.

Riverina Local Land Services has community advisory groups. This part of the website will be updated soon.