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The below projects are currently run by Riverina Local Land Services, through funding from from funding partners including the Australian Government and the NSW Environmental Trust.

Each project is unique and eligibility for landholders to take part will depend largely on location.

Our Project Officers welcome any questions and are always open to discussing projects with you so please get in touch if you'd like further information.

Reconnecting River Country Program

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Do you own or lease land along the Murrumbidgee River system?
If so, your land may be affected by the Reconnecting River Country Program’s proposed flow corridor designed to increase the number of times rivers connect to wetlands and floodplains in the Murrumbidgee Valley.

Adaptive Farms for Sustainable Landscapes

We're seeking expressions of interest for the 2022/2023 landholder support program with funding available to improve agricultural productivity and skills in managing natural resources through online learning modules, farm planning workshops, in-person site visits, farm walks, and farm demonstrations.

Find out more about the Adaptive Farms for Sustainable Landscapes program.

Wanted! Have you seen a Squirrel Glider?

Riverina Local Land Services is implementing a project to secure the viability of the Squirrel Glider population in the Wagga Wagga area, following a Local Area Management Plan process. The project will run for three years and we need your help to gather baseline data.

We are keen to hear from landholders who have seen squirrel gliders in the local area or whose property has areas of potential squirrel glider habitat.

Find out how you can help our local Squirrel Glider population.

Expressions of interest for the Farming Forecaster project

The Riverina Soil Moisture Probe Network (Farming Forecaster) provides graziers with real time soil moisture data; helping understand the current soil moisture to increase producer confidence in key decision-making times.

We are seeking interest from 15 - 20 landholders that might be interested in hosting a site.

Read more about the Farming Forecaster project.

Apply now for short term grazing permits

Livestock producers can now apply for short term grazing access to select travelling stock reserves (TSRs) across the Riverina.

Successful applicants will also agree to undertake positive land management practices on the TSR, such as protecting biodiversity and controlling pests and weeds.

Apply now.

Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot in the Riverina

The Australian Government is running the Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot in our region. The Pilot is a key part of the Australian Government’s $66.1 million Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package and will reward farmers for the stewardship of their land, storing carbon and improving Australia’s biodiversity.

Read more about the pilot.

"Grow me the money": Understanding your farms Natural Capital

Riverina Local Land Services can help you to manage your farms natural assets and understand the natural capital and environmental market opportunities available.

Read more about the Grow me the Money Riverina Natural Capital Pilot project.

Bringing Back the Bunyip Bird Australasian Bittern Summit 2023

Over 120 delegates at the  Bringing Back the Bunyip Bird: Australasian Bittern Summit held in Leeton NSW were able to enjoy and hear about the latest research and discuss what can be done in the future for the long-term survival of  this cryptic waterbird, that has been described as a ninja of disguise.

Find out more.

The magic of Wiradjuri Country - Photography competition

The Magic of Wiradjuri Country is a competition that will bring together amateur photographers from across the Riverina to capture what they see as the magic of the land we live on. This competition is open to school children in 2023.

There’s no right or wrong focus for the photograph - to some, a landmark, an animal, a person, or even the landscape itself may be what catches their eye.

In 2019, Riverina Local Land Services ran their inaugural artwork competition which saw high schools from across the Riverina paint artworks with the theme of “Together We Can”.

This year, we're asking you to pick up the camera.

Find out how to enter PDF, 1598.44 KB. Submissions close on  April 30, 2023.

Saving Swift Parrots and Threatened Woodland Species

Swift Parrots (Lathamus discolor) are one of Australia’s rare species of parrot and are listed as critically endangered under Australian Government legislation. It is estimated that less than 2,000 birds live in the wild. Without conservation efforts, this iconic species could be extinct in as little as 16 years.

This project aims to improve the long-term viability of nationally endangered Swift Parrot’s and co-occurring threatened species through the planting of habitat and protection of mature feed trees.

Incentives are on offer to support landholders to protect, restore and establish Swift Parrot habitat within identified priority areas in the mid and eastern Riverina region.

Find out more in the project factsheet.

If you are a landholder that is interested, please contact Project Officer Annie Horton (6923 6350) or

Adjungbilly Creek Catchment - Save Our Species Project

The Adjungbilly Creek is a unique catchment in the Riverina Local Land Services region due to it’s populations of a number of endangered plants and animals. The catchment is home to Macquarie Perch, the Booroolong Frog, White Box, Yellow Box, Blakelys Red Gum, Grassy Woodlands, Coolac-Tumut Serpentinite and Shrubby Woodland. Over the past five years, Riverina Local Land Services (LLS) has worked with Landcare, landholders and researchers to gain an understanding of the extent of the population of these endangered species as well as undertaking targeted works to assist their recovery. Through this ongoing project, we have improved habitat for endangered species and ecological communities through the protection and restoration of 333 hectares of the catchment by revegetating gullies to improve water quality, protected areas of native vegetation by installing 46 kilometres of fencing and re-established corridors of native vegetation by planting 30,000 native trees and shrubs.

Incentives are on offer to landholders to continue important works, which will support the recovery of these iconic species and communities.

If you are a landholder that is interested, please contact Project Officer Cherie White (0427 407 126).

Safeguarding The Serpentinite

Riverina Local Land Services is working with landholders in the Coolac-Tumut region to help conserve a rare woodland.The Coolac-Tumut Serpentinite Shrubby Woodland is a highly restricted woodland found only in the South West slopes. This woodland is home to a rare assemblage of native plants and animals and has recently been listed as an endangered ecological community (EEC). The Coolac-Tumut Serpentinite Shrubby Woodland is associated with soils from the Coolac Serpentinite geology. These soils are relatively rich in magnesium and iron and poor in calcium and potassium, inhibiting the growth of some plant species. Many of the plant species found in this woodland are highly susceptible to grazing especially when immature. Continual grazing by livestock are preventing these species from naturally regenerating causing the woodland to further decline. Riverina Local Land Services is working with landholders to take positive actions to protect and restore this unique woodland.

Incentives are on offer to landholders to assist with overstorey revegetation and improved grazing management.

If you are a landholder that is interested, please contact Project Officer Cherie White (0427 407 126).

National Landcare Program

We also have four projects in the Riverina region funded by the Australian Government's National Landcare Program. Click here to read about those.

Bushfire erosion video series

To help land managers deal with erosion after fires, Murray and Riverina Local Land Services have collaborated with Soil Conservation Service, North East Catchment Management Authority and Agriculture Victoria to prepare three short, informative videos. Click here for the videos and helpful resources.

For further information on any of the projects or programs listed contact your nearest office on 1300 795 299.

Reconnecting River Country Program

Local Land Services, in partnership with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Water Infrastructure NSW and Environment, Energy and Science will work with landholders and communities across the southern Basin to implement the Reconnecting River Country Program (the program).

Read more about the Reconnecting River Country Program.

Paddock, Farm, Landscape - building our communities natural capital from the soil up

This project will be delivered over the next two years by Riverina Local Land Services. Focusing on establishing new Landscape Champions. This is an Australian Government funded Drought Resilience Initiative.

Read more about the project.

Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Program

With funding from the Australian Government, Riverina Local Land Services undertook a series of activities to help our communities and environment recover from the impacts of the Black Summer Bushfires. The aim of these activities was to reduce the impacts of pest species, support the recovery of threatened species and provide opportunities for traditional owners to work on country. During the 12 month program Riverina Local Land Services partnered with landholders, traditional owners, researchers and government agencies.

Some of the achievements included:

  1. 79,370 ha of aerial and ground based pest control was completed targeting species such as deer, pigs, goats, feral cats, rabbits and foxes
  2. Coordinating the re-introduction of Macquarie Perch into the Adjungbilly Creek to boost the genetic viability. In addition, 6.55 km of aquatic pest control targeting species such as Carp and Redfin were removed from the Creek to support the recovery of this endangered fish species.
  3. 86 ha of known platypus habitat was improved across 3 waterways impacted by the fires.
  4. Providing opportunities for traditional owners to undertake on country activities through cultural burning and seed collecting.
  5. Supporting land managers in the Gilmore Valley to recover from the bushfire through stream bank erosion and habitat improvement works.
  6. Confirming a population of the endangered Greater Glider persisting in the Batlow area. For further details on our work on Greater Gliders please see the attached story.

Check out the Platypus Making a Comeback after Black Summer Bushfire map.

Soils for Future Productivity

The Soils for Future Productivity project makes soil sampling available to help farmers achieve optimum productivity through soil health improvement whilst setting up farming systems for long term productivity. Expressions of Interest are open for landholders in the Riverina region to conduct soil sampling across a chosen paddock with a detailed report and analysis of the results.

Read more about the project.

Living Carbon: Riverina

Through the Primary Industries Productivity and Abatement Program, Riverina Local Land Services is working with land managers to support on farm carbon management and to help meet NSW’s net zero emissions targets through the Living Carbon Grants Program.

Read more about the Living Carbon: Riverina project.

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