Box gum grassy woodland project

Do you have remnant Box Gum Grassy Woodland (BGGW) on your property? Are you interested in undertaking works to improve and protect this important habitat?

Riverina Local Land Services can assist by enhancing your knowledge on the different ways improving BGGW can benefit your property.

This project could also provide assistance to undertake the following:

  • fencing
  • revegetation
  • cool burning/cultural burning
  • weed control
  • addition of habitat features (eg: nest boxes).

Watch below as landholders receive training on the benefits of managing the woodland on their properties.

Project eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply, the below criteria must be met:

  • Your property must be greater than 10 ha and reside within the highlighted area of the Riverina Local Land Services region (see map).
  • BGGW site is ideally 5-20ha in size. Larger sites (maximum 50ha) are considered with moderate to high vegetation quality.
  • Undertake training such as farm planning workshops and online learning modules as a pre-requisite for accessing funding.
  • All previous works funded by Riverina Local Land Services must be completed and maintained.
  • You must be willing to enter into a contractual agreement with Riverina Local Land Services for 10 years.
  • You must have no outstanding debts to Local Land Services.
  • You must have public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million to be considered for funding.
  • Works will need to be completed within the 12 months from date of signing the agreement.

map of Riverina region showing area eligible for funding

Who is involved?

This project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

For more information

For more information on BGGW, and to apply for this project, please contact:

Lakna Gunawardana (Land Services Officer) Mobile: 0428 063 708 | Email:

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