Paddock, Farm, Landscape - building our communities natural capital from the soil up

This project is demonstrating a combination of 3 drought resilient practices known to support productivity and profitability during and after droughts. These practices include managing grazing pressure, improving farm dams and riparian areas and using native shelterbelts.

Through funding from the Australian Governments Future Drought Fund, 15 demonstration sites are being established on properties across the Riverina region. These demonstration sites are showcasing drought resilient practices on a range of landscapes extending from the rangelands in the west to the tablelands in the east.

Map showing locations of demonstration sites

With the support of key partners, the Australian National University and Soils for Life, landholders will also improve their knowledge and understanding of the benefits of improving on farm biodiversity and soil health.

The project is utilising the latest research from the ANU Sustainable Farms program to highlight how these drought resilient practices are a win‐win for both biodiversity and productivity. These practices have been shown to increase the capacity for carbon storage, provide protection against heat and cold as well as increase water infiltration, making them a valuable resource during dry times

Baseline soil testing and undertaking in-field soil observations to monitor soil health is another key component of the project. Supporting landholders to collect their own observations and data will allow them to make real-time management decisions based on a deeper understanding of soil health.

Field days are being held these properties to enable landholders to share their experiences and promote greater adoption of these practices. A range of communication and extension resources are also being developed to assist landholders to better prepare for dry conditions.


Soils for Life

Case Studies

The Wilkes-Bowes at Anderloose
Jack and Annabel Hanna at Erin
The Matthews at Bedarbidgal
The Scotts at Glen Elgin
The Nicholls at Tumulla


For further information on this project, please contact Project Officer, Ben Muller email or 0474 701 289.

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