North Coast Land Activity Calendar

NORTH COAST LOCAL LAND SERVICES PERPETUAL LAND ACTIVITY CALENDARFor each new season, it is vital to check changes and address issues to maintain your property. The perpetual land activity calendar provides a handy, monthly reference of general considerations and responsibilities landholders need to be aware of to care for and maintain their land, infrastructure, and animals.

It will give you a starting point for monthly or seasonal activities associated with managing livestock, crops, pasture, growing fresh vegetables, planting native vegetation, managing infrastructure, pests and weeds.

This calendar shows and informs landowners, mangers or leaseholders that managing land comes with ongoing tasks and responsibilities. There is a lot to know about rural living, but there is also plenty of help at hand. Local Land Services is here to help connect you with the right information and advice on a wide range of topics to help you manage your property.

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