Farming Forecaster

The Farming Forecaster uses data from local on-farm soil moisture probes and weather stations, along with CSIRO’s farm simulation modelling tool Grass Gro, to create real-time updates of pasture conditions and forecasts up to four months ahead.

The system uses recent weather, soil moisture, pasture production and livestock performance information to create this real time pasture-livestock model for our producers.

The Farm Forecaster tool has been used in various other Local Land Services regions such as the Hunter and South East, where many livestock producers found the online tool to provide significant benefits to the farming business. These include managing stocking rates, preparing for climate variability, making decisions for potential costs, and organising supplementary feed requirements.

The Farm Forecaster tool was developed by a consortium of farm groups – Tablelands Farming Systems (TFS), Monaro Farming Systems, Bookham Ag Bureau, and South East LLS working with CSIRO and Square V Website Developers. This project is funded by the Commonwealth’s National Landcare program.


Murray Local Land Services are calling for expressions of interest from farmers to host soil moisture probes and weather stations on your farms across the mid-western part of the region. These stations will form part of a larger network of soil moisture probes and weather stations linked to the Farming Forecaster website and contributing to information across the region.

Site hosts receive:

  • soil moisture probe and automatic rain guage installed
  • soil profile characterisation for the site
  • GrassGro Farm system modelled for the local area.

Access to this information and having a better understanding of current soil moisture increases producer confidence in decision making at key times of the year. The GrassGro pasture modelling assists in risk management and decision making around buying/ selling livestock, when supplementary feed may be required etc.

Contact: Rebecca Stacey, SLSO Deniliquin

Following expressions of interest, potential suitable sites will be identified and further information provided around host responsibilities, associated costs and commitments.


The Riverina Soil Moisture Probe Network (Farming Forecaster)

The network provides graziers with real time soil moisture data; helping understand the current soil moisture to increase producer confidence in key decision-making times.

Developed by graziers, Farming Forecaster provides dynamic data to improve pasture and grazing decisions. It places soil moisture, local weather, pasture production and livestock performance information at your fingertips.

We are seeking interest from 15 - 20 landholders that might be interested in hosting a site.

Basic requirements:

  • at least 1 bar of 4G mobile reception
  • a representative paddock for the farm/local area in terms of soil type, pasture species and general management
  • a location with easy access for potential site visits and field days.

You will receive a soil moisture probe (& rain gauge), soil profile characterisation and more worth $6,500!

A co-investment approach is taken with eligible participants contributing an annual connection fee of $250, fencing off the site and basic maintenance of the rain gauge.

Expressions of interest close on COB 18 October 2023.

Contact: Kate Turner, Land Services Officer
0436 021 216

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