Prograze Profitable Sustainable Grazing Management

Would you like to gain a better understanding of how to achieve a more profitable and sustainable grazing system on your property?

Producers can do this through PROGRAZE™, a recognised, industry-led training course based on understanding the interaction between pastures and grazing livestock. Participants develop skills in pasture and animal assessment that improve the productivity and sustainability of grazing systems.

We encourage land managers to enrol in this practical and hands-on course which is presented via a series of 8 half-day workshops.

What is PROGRAZE™?

PROGRAZE™ is a recognised, industry-leading training course based on scientifically proven principles of pasture & livestock production. A key focus is the development of skills in pasture & animal assessment that will improve the productivity & sustainability of grazing systems.

PROGRAZE™ was developed by NSW Department of Primary Industries, with funding from Meat and Livestock Australia, and is delivered by Local Land Services.

The course gives producers an understanding of pasture-livestock interaction. This enables producers to make tactical grazing decisions that can manipulate pasture composition, control weeds and meet livestock production targets even in tough times.

PROGRAZE™ has been successfully delivered to producers across the grazing industry since 1994 providing participants with the fundamental skills and knowledge to successfully manage livestock systems.

PROGRAZE™ is designed to help sheep and cattle producers:

  • Develop practical pasture and livestock assessment, plant identification and ground cover assessment skills.
  • To use these skills to improve the profitability and sustainability of grazing systems on their farms.

What is covered in a PROGRAZE course?

PROGRAZE™ workshops offer hands on learning and skill development with practical on-farm, in paddock learning.

PROGRAZE™ will help you to:

  • visually assess pasture
  • understand how pasture quality & quantity impact animal production
  • match pastures to livestock requirements
  • fat score livestock
  • use grazing management to improve productivity & sustainability of pastures
  • use grazing management to help control worms.

Participants are also shown how to use fodder budgeting to optimise the use of pastures and crops as well as the role of pasture assessment to make supplementary feeding decisions.

These skills combined with well researched pasture and livestock benchmarks lead to informed grazing decisions where producers can be proactive in knowing how stock will perform on pasture. These tools are the key to improving the productivity and profitability of grazing systems.

How long does the PROGRAZE™ course take?

The PROGRAZE™ Profitable and Sustainable Grazing Management courses consist of 8 x ½ day workshops. Workshops are generally held 4 - 6 weeks apart allowing participants to see the impact of seasons on key pasture and livestock decision making.

Each workshop is hands-on, conducted on group member’s farms with a strong focus on in-paddock activities and discussion.

This framework provides landholders with many opportunities to ask questions regarding their individual experiences.

Hear from some of our course participants

Find out how an LLS PROGRAZE™ course has helped Southern Tablelands mixed livestock farmers Sarah and Aaron Wild to be more productive, profitable and sustainable.

Do you have multiple farm staff working on the one property? PROGRAZE™ enables all staff to be talking the same language and allows you to fine tune your operation. Hear from Farm Manager Vincent Walsh on the benefits of his staff participating in an LLS PROGRAZE™ course.

How do I sign up for a PROGRAZE™ workshop?

LLS will run small-group, local PROGRAZE™ courses in your area based on demand. This is to ensure grazing systems are similar for each group while reducing travel time. Groups will require a minimum of 8 producers.

You can register your interest via the EOI forms below. The course is charged per farm business where two or more members may participate.

Upon registering your interest, please consider the option to host one of the sessions on your property.

Central Tablelands

Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in the Central Tablelands

For more information, contact:

Lauren Adler on 0477 715 683 or via email

Central West

Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in the Central West

For more information, contact:

Rohan Leach on 0417 021 795 or via email


Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in Murray

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Stacey at

North Coast

Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course on the North Coast

For more information, contact:

Wollongbar, Lismore, Casino, Tweed Heads - Nathan Jennings on 0437 083 147

Grafton, Dorrigo, Bellingen - Nikia Nolan on 0497 862 221

Kempsey, Macksville, Nambucca, Port Macquarie-Hastings - Alix Johnston on 0448 248 325.


Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in Hunter

For more information, contact:

Lower Hunter: David Deane or 0411 108 961

Manning-Great Lakes: Peter Beale or 0427 007 46

Northern Tablelands

Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in Northern Tablelands.

For more information, contact:

Georgie Oakes on 0429 310 264 or via email

North West

Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in North West

For more information, contact:

George Truman on 0427 505 040 or via email


Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in Riverina

For more information, contact:

Hannah Brien on 0455 557 949 or via email 

South East

Register your interest in a PROGRAZE™ course in the South East

For more information, contact:

Tablelands - Fiona Leech on 0427 201 805

Monaro - Jo Powells 0429 785 986