Irrigation is collected from both surface and groundwater sources and can be regulated or unregulated. NSW irrigators are some of the most efficient in the world and invest in new and innovative technologies to improve profitability and sustainability.

NSW has more licenses available for irrigation than any other state in Australia and currently there are over 12,000 water access licence holders in NSW.

Irrigation is integral to cropping and a variety of agricultural systems that are used across NSW. These systems include:

  • surface irrigation
  • sprinkler irrigation
  • drip/trickle irrigation.

All of these systems require proper licensing and registration.

How Local Land Services can assist with irrigation

Our team works closely with research and development organisations like Department of Primary Industries to provide technical advice and support around irrigation.

We also work with organisations such as the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and local irrigation associations to deliver accurate up-to-date information to the community.

Irrigation training opportunities

Our staff run field days and workshops to help share best practice information

They coordinate local producer groups on timely and locally relevant topics such as crop rotation, disease and pest management and soil health.

Find out what events are happening in your region.

Also available are the Tocal Skills Training range of short courses.

Irrigation industry partners and resources

Department of Industry—Lands & Water

The Department of Industry—Lands & Water is responsible for surface and groundwater management including ensuring water security for NSW.

NSW Irrigators' Council

The NSW Irrigators' Council is the peak body that represents more than 12,000 water access licence holders across NSW.

Irrigation Australia Ltd

Irrigation Australia is a national body covering the entire value chain of the urban and rural irrigation industry in Australia

Need more help?

For irrigation advice or for further information, contact your Local Land Services on 1300 795 299 or look up your closest regional office.

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