2024 Irrigation Insights

In March 2024 we hosted an Irrigation Insights meeting in Bunnaloo. Featuring expert speakers, attendees were able to get an on-ground update from 3 Bunnaloo irrigation farmers sharing their experience.

Key Messages

  • Planning is key – when selecting an irrigation system, ensure it suits your soil, the crop you’re planning to grow
  • Find an expert – it might be your neighbour using a system you’re interested in, an LLS or NSW DPI extension officer, private consultant, or a cropping group (or all the above) – Chat to them about your plans and learn from their experience.
  • Don’t forget drainage – when it comes to irrigation, it’s just as important as supply!
  • Sprinklers can be labour saving as well as allowing for prescription irrigation allocation – reducing the risk of waterlogging, particularly mid-winter.
  • Check your infrastructure: 
    • If you have sprinklers, check your water application uniformity, and make sure you’re delivering the water rate you should be all the way to the end.
    • For flood systems, ensure the correct pipe sizes, installation depths, and channel maintenance to achieve maximum water head in your system.

Optimising spray irrigation systems - Nick O’Halloran
Irrigation 101 Design and management principles - Sam North, NSW DPI


Maximising the efficiency of your irrigation system - YouTube
Research & Extension – Irrigation Farmers Network (irrigationfn.com.au)


Sam North - NSW DPI, Research Hydrologist - 03 5881 9926 - samuel.north@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Adrian Smith - Agriculture & Environmental Consultant - 0447 778 515 - aksadvisory@outlook.com
Damian Jones - Irrigation Farmers Network - Trials Manager - 0409 181 099 - damian.jones@irrigationfn.com.au
Nick O'Halloran - Agriculture Victoria - Irrigation Specialist - 0438 321 528 - Nick.OHalloran@agriculture.vic.gov.au

More information

Kimberley Beer, Senior Land Services Officer | Mixed Farming
0439 531 306     kimberley.beer@lls.nsw.gov.au

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