First Nations artwork

As part of the Local Land Services Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) launched in 2018, Murray Local Land Services commissioned two local artists to produce pieces of artwork to be displayed in our offices in Albury And Deniliquin. This project fulfils the requirements of Action 8 of the RAP: "Incorporate First Nations people's artwork into our workplaces and corporate branding".


Wiradjuri elder David Dunn produced an incredible painting that is displayed in our Albury office at 931 Garland Ave, North Albury. The short video below explains the meaning behind the painting in the artist's own words.

Painting of David Dunn


In Deniliquin, local artist Dennis Charles created a stunning work entitled 'Aboriginal Australia' that is displayed in our office at 449 Charlotte Ave.

In his own words:

  • "This painting represents all Aboriginal people across Australia.
  • The Rivers and Land represent Life.
    • The coloured dots all have different meanings:
    • The white dots are the Spirits that protect our People and our Land.
    • The red dots are Red Ochre, representing the Land
    • The yellow dots represent the Sun, and the Grey represent the Light.
  • The groups of U-shaped figures in the top and bottom centre of the painting represent Tribal women gathering and the outer U shaped figures with boomerangs and spears are the men. The smaller U shapes are the children and younger generations learning their culture.
  • The painting also shows all the food sources of the local area – witchetty grubs, emu; kangaroo, fish, turtle and plants.

Dennis Charles was born in Deniliquin, NSW, and grew up on the land with the ‘Old People’, not only here in NSW, but in other states as well. He learned from his grandfather how to make boomerangs, from finding the right tree to getting the right part to be ground and carved.

Dennis’ cultural knowledge comes from far and wide, having learning from the ‘Old People’ about the plants and trees and the value of our environment. He continues to keep the culture going through making clap sticks and coolamons.

Dennis has travelled widely, and his artwork incorporates dot painting from the northern states with the local brush stroke art of this area. He hopess you enjoy and respect our culture through this painting, because this painting represents ‘Our Past; Our Present and Our Future’.

Dennis Charles painting