Bushfire Recovery

Mannus creek after the 2019-20 bushfires

The 2019-20 bushfires affected large areas of private and public land.

The severity of the fires significantly impacted a range of native flora and fauna, as well as soil condition and stability.

Murray Local Land Services received funding from the Australian Government to implement a range of actions aimed at specific species recovery and introducing traditional ecological knowledge and management practices. Activities targeted at the recovery of species and ecological communities in the Murray Region include:

  • Targeted erosion control to improve Booroolong Frog and Macquarie Perch habitat,
  • Gang-gang Cockatoo habitat restoration and Macquarie Perch reintroduction into Mannus Creek,
  • Targeted weed control to protect significant species and ecological communities, and
  • Cultural healing of fire-impacted significant sites and landscapes by Aboriginal groups within the area.
  • Ground baiting targeting foxes in and around high conservation areas to improve Booroolong Frog, Smoky Mouse and Broad-toothed Rat survival.
  • Aerial feral herbivore control, and the erection of feral herbivore exclusion fencing to reduce grazing, trampling and erosion of Montane Peatlands and Endangered orchid species and improve Macquarie Perch and Booroolong frog habitat.
  • The removal of pest fish species to assist the survival of Macquarie Perch.
  • Rabbit warren destruction and poison/fumigation work to reduce pest herbivore impact on native regeneration.

Epicormic growth on eucalypt following fire

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