Programs and projects

Each year Murray Local Land Services invests in a range of projects to help achieve our catchment goals.

Reconnecting River Country Program

Local Land Services, in partnership with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Water Infrastructure NSW and Environment, Energy and Science will work with landholders and communities across the southern Basin to implement the Reconnecting River Country Program (the program).

Read more about the Reconnecting River Country Program.

Refreshing Rivers Program

The Refreshing Rivers program is addressing land use and land management issues in a number of ways, working hand-in-hand with landholders, partnering with community organisations, and connecting to national sustainability and stewardship schemes.

By providing new partnerships, pathways and incentives for action, the Refreshing Rivers program is delivering a range of initiatives over 10 years that will reinvigorate waterway management across NSW. The aim is to drive social change leading to improved health of inland waterways sustained by industry, farmer and community action.

Read more about the Refreshing Rivers Program.

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