Grassy Woodlands

Grassy Woodlands

About Grassy Woodlands

Grassy Woodlands are a widespread and quintessential feature of rural Australia. They are the original vegetation of the wheat and sheep belt.

Dominated by eucalypts, typically boxes and red gums, grassy woodlands have a relatively open canopy with sparsely distributed shrubs and a conspicuous and diverse ground cover of tussock grasses and herbs.

Over 90% of grassy woodlands in the Murray region have been cleared since European settlement.

What are we doing?

The grassy woodland project aims to:

  • Improve the condition, extent and connectivity of grassy woodland patches in the south west slopes region
  • Increase and protect habitat for grey-crowned babblers and other significant woodland birds.

We have partnered with three local Landcare groups (Corowa District Landcare, Holbrook Landcare Network and West Hume Landcare) to support landholders to protect and enhance remnant grassy woodland vegetation and revegetate new areas on their properties to improve connectivity between patches of vegetation.

What can you do to help grassy woodlands?

  • Manage stock to reduce grazing pressure in high-quality remnants (i.e. those with high flora diversity or fauna habitat).
  • Encourage natural plant regeneration by fencing remnants, controlling stock grazing and undertaking supplementary planting, if necessary.
  • Limit firewood from remnants (this includes living or standing dead trees and fallen material).
  • Leave fallen timber on the ground.
  • Undertake control of rabbits, hares, foxes, pigs and goats (using methods that do not disturb the native plants and animals of the remnant).
  • Undertake weed control (taking care to spray or dig out only target species).
  • Protect all sites from further clearing and disturbance.
  • Ensure remnants remain connected or linked to each other; in cases where remnants have lost connective links, re-establish them by revegetating sites to act as stepping stones for fauna, and flora (pollen and seed dispersal).

More Information:

Tracy Michael, Murray Local Land Services – 02 6051 2211

Judy Kirk, Corowa District Landcare – 0417 858 533

Kathie Le Busque, West Hume Landcare - 0408 443 261

Grey Box Woodland

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