Sam's here to support landholders to manage paddocks for plains-wanderers


Sam Steel - Plains-wanderer Project Officer

Murray Local Land Services is pleased to welcome Samuel Steel to the Natural Resources Management Team.

Sam is the new Plains-wanderer Project Officer and will be working alongside landholders, Riverina LLS, DPIE South West Threatened Species, and the Saunders Spraying pest control team to:

  • Deliver plains-wanderer habitat management incentives
  • Complete quarterly plains-wanderer habitat monitoring
  • Organise monthly landscape fox and cat control
  • Promote the plains-wanderer project and threatened species conservation

Sam has worked in the conservation industry over the last 15 years in various roles and organisations to protect threatened species in Northern Territory, Western Australia, and more recently in western NSW and north-western Victoria on both public and private land.

“From this experience, I gained an appreciation and understanding of the importance of landscape conservation programs. Landholders play an important role in protecting diverse and significant landscapes that support native species associated with those landscapes. Landholders are strongly invested in maintaining sustainable farms and are interested in achieving the long-term survival of threatened species such as the Plains-wanderer. I am very excited to be a part of the Local Land Services team, and I look forward to supporting landholders through the Plains-wanderer Project,” Sam explained.

Outside of work, Sam is involved with a sustainability group that supports community projects such as revegetation, seed collection, pest and weed control, and renewable energy projects. Sam also enjoys mountain bike riding and the occasional obstacle course such as Spartan or Tough Mudder.

Contact: Sam Steel
Land Services Officer - Plains-wanderer Project P: 03 5881 9900 | E:

Sam assessing plains-wanderer habitat

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