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Are you interested in native seeds, revegetation and direct seeding? Murray Native Seed Services is your one-stop-shop delivering tailored advice and services for native revegetation and bush regeneration to help you improve your land, restore degraded landscapes and help support your local environment.

We offer friendly, expert advice to help you plan and implement your revegetation and direct seeding projects. Our direct seeding service can help enhance the biodiversity of your land, mitigate the impacts of land degradation, create sustainable shelter for livestock, and generate habitat for native plants and animals.

We are also your supplier of quality, ethically sourced, local provenance guaranteed, native seed from the Murray region and surrounds. Our range includes Eucalypts, Acacia’s, Dodonaea, Pines, Saltbushes, and many more.

Our promise to you is that our excellent advice, quality service, and healthy native seed will give your revegetation and direct seeding projects the best possible chances of success.


We want your revegetation project to succeed as much as you do. Our experienced and friendly staff offer individually tailored, proven guidance on how to prepare your site prior to direct seeding as well as follow-up advice and site management support to give your revegetation project every opportunity to flourish. Our direct seeding machines enable allow seeding projects to be completed quickly, efficiently, and economically.

We offer:

  • Competitive prices
  • Sales to nurseries
  • On-site preparation and layout advice
  • Plant species recommendations
  • Our quality guarantee
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Advice on controlling weeds and pests.

Our specialist team can help you enhance existing native vegetation areas, link fragmented remnant vegetation, sow Old Man Saltbush pastures, create shelter belts, establish offset areas, create carbon farming areas, or establish native vegetation for erosion control.

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Quality native seed is a vital resource in maintaining and restoring biodiversity. Healthy seed is critical for plant survival and is the first step in building healthy ecosystems. Our seed collectors take pride in harvesting all our seed sustainably and ethically to avoid damage to local ecosystems. We collect only the best and healthiest seed, from a variety of plants and areas, never taking more than is needed. Seed is collected from a network of purpose grown Seed Production Areas (SPAs) to ensure healthy, genetically diverse seed. We also collect on other public and private lands. We are able to provide detailed collection information so that you know where your seed was sourced from. After harvesting, our seed is cleaned and then stored in our climate and humidity-controlled seed vault to ensure its quality is maintained.

Our service is fully customised to your needs. We offer:

  • Direct seeding services
  • Seed sales
  • Project planning and design
  • Weed and pest control advice for before and after planting
  • High quality native seed, local and adapted to your area
  • Plant species selection and planting design advice.

The success of your revegetation project is important to us. Our staff are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your journey with us, from the initial planning and advice phase to the planting and the seed itself, will be of the highest standard.

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Local Seed is the best seed

Using local, native seed maintains the unique genetic characteristics of local plant populations, which can be important for their long-term survival. We match the most suitable plant species and revegetation methods to your site location, climate, soil and vegetation type. This gives you the greatest chance of building a healthy, resilient ecosystem. To increase your chances of success, we include a range of different provenances in your seeding, including seed originating from dryer areas. Because our seed comes from the local area, it is already acclimatised to our region and variable climate and more likely to survive and thrive.


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