20/21 Seed Collection Season


By Tash Lappin
Senior Land Services Officer - Murray Seed Services

P: 02 6051 2231 | M: 0429 827 471 | natasha.lappin@lls.nsw.gov.au

Cooba (Acacia salicina) seed drying

As the 2020/21 native seed collection season draws to a close, it’s essential to recognise the hard work that goes into ensuring the Murray Seedbank has a diverse range of healthy local native seed for use in our revegetation works and also to supply our native nurseries for growing out of tubestock plants.

Since November 2020, Murray LLS has had 11 staff out visiting seed production areas, roadside, and other remnant vegetation collection sites right across the Murray region, picking seed from 29 different native species.

Just under 213 kg of seed has been collected, cleaned, and stored at our seedbank in Deniliquin this season to date.

It has been a mixed season, with many species producing little to no seed and others producing large amounts.  Species in the west of the region have had a better season than those to the east.

With several new seed production areas established over the past three years, we hope that next season will see an increase in seed available for collection.

Bulloak (Allocasuarina luehmannii) seed drying

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