Our Board

Central West Local Land Services is governed by a board of local people.

Board members work closely with landholders and local communities to identify and deliver services that are relevant to local needs.

Local boards are comprised of a mix of Ministerially-appointed and elected board members who bring a wealth of skills, experience and commitment to the organisation.

The Chair and three board members are appointed by the Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales while the remaining three board members are elected by Local Land Services ratepayers.

Together they focus on the strategic direction of the organisation, promoting the services offered, encouraging partnerships and building strong relationships with investors while also communicating the priorities and concerns of customers to local boards.

Section 29 of the Local Land Services Act 2013 sets out the functions of local boards. They are legally binding and should be interpreted as the definitive reference regarding the role of local boards.


Susan Madden, Dubbo - T:  0422 003 049

Susan has close to 20 years experience working in agriculture and natural resource management. She specialises in the areas of economics, policy, advocacy, communications and management. She has a strong interest in farming – living and working on a family cattle stud. This is Susan’s third term on the Central West Local Land Services Board and second term as Chair.

Appointed Board members

Andrew Rice, Parkes - T: 0427 965 469

Andrew is a landholder near Parkes with a consulting and financial background. He has extensive experience across the agriculture and natural resource management sectors. He is also a non-executive director and Chair of the Foundation for Arable Research Australia Ltd. This is Andrew’s first term on the Central West Local Land Services Board.

Paul Brydon, Narromine - T:  0417 697 293

Paul is passionate about teamwork and leadership and has significant governance experience. He is a longstanding member of the Narromine Local Aboriginal Land Council as well as being a participant on numerous consultative committees in the public and private sectors. This is Paul’s first term on the Central West Local Land Services Board.

Ross McCarthy, Dubbo

Ross McCarthy is a manager at Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets, one of the largest saleyards in Australia. In this role Ross has contributed to many business improvements, resulting in an animal welfare award for the business.

For the past three years, Ross has been president of the Australian Saleyard Managers Association and a board member for the Australian Livestock Markets Association.

Ross holds a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics and has worked for 20 years in the finance industry, where much of his roles involved high levels of financial control, audit, reporting and risk management.

Elected Board members

Will Martel, Gollan - T: 0427 466 245

Will is from Gollan and has a firm understanding of the needs of farms, farm businesses, farm families and the NSW landscape through his work as a farmer, GRDC panel member and agricultural consultant. He has an interest in natural resource management and has undertaken work to increase biodiversity on his farm. Will is passionate about his community and is involved in a number of community groups. This is his first term on the Central West Local Land Services Board.

David Waters, Mendooran - T:  0401 301 791

David is the owner and operator of mixed farming enterprises at Mendooran and Tottenham. He has a background in finance and currently works as a rural financial councillor. David is also an active member of the Mendooran Rural Fire Service.  This is his first term on the Central West Local Land Services Board.

Chris Sweeney, Forbes - T:  0414 762 775

Chris has previously owned and managed a mixed farming property including lamb and wool production and winter cereal cropping. He currently works as a machinery sales manager for Geronimo Farm Equipment. This is Chris’s second elected term on the Central West Local Land Services Board. In his first term Chris undertook several roles within the Board including the Finance and Risk Committee and Chair of the Pest Animal Committee.

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