ShoreTrack rebuilding fences after floods case study

Property Location: Valla, North Coast
Owners: Peter and Sandrine Lawson
Enterprise mix: Horses and sheep
Property size: 396 acres (160ha)
Not-for-profit engaged: ShoreTrack

Valla farmers Peter and Sandrine Lawson believe the fence rebuilding support provided by not-for-profit (NFP) ShoreTrack following the 2022 floods in the North Coast region allowed for efficiency in time and financial aid to assist in their recovery.

Funded through the Early Needs Recovery Program, ShoreTrack supplied the labour to have 1.05 km of fence lines rebuilt.

The Early Needs Recovery Program is designed to assist primary producers in the most flood-impacted regions and industries in their recovery from the severe weather storms and flooding events that occurred in early 2022 along the east coast of NSW.

The NFP fence-rebuilding program is one of four streams of the program and is aimed at supporting NFPs to assist local landholders in flood impacted areas. Three NFPs were awarded grant funding to support teams of volunteers to clear debris and, remove, repair and replace damaged fences to assist primary producers to regain productivity sooner.

4 men in blue work shirts working in a paddock to install new fences.
ShoreTrack team working on the Lawson’s Valla property

About ShoreTrack

ShoreTrack is a not-for-profit charity working with disengaged youth, teaching them trade-based skills and ultimately building their confidence and resilience. When the not-for-profit grant was awarded, ShoreTrack was delighted they could give back to community through the fence rebuilding grant, whilst supporting their volunteer youth. The grant was timely as they were working towards a Certificate II in Rural Operations through a partnership with TOCAL. The certificate includes fencing which Jasper Goldthorpe (a ShoreTrack volunteer) really enjoys. Jasper has been with the organisation for 6 months and loves giving back and helping the farmers following the floods. Jill, a co-founder of ShoreTrack, said ‘local farmers have not only lost pastures and stock, but financially they may not have had the resources to rebuild fences. Providing funding to the not-for-profit organisation is a wonderful opportunity’.

ShoreTrack is also fencing properties in a number of other locations including Missabotti and Taylors Arm.

12 people standing in a grassed paddock, facing the camera and smiling. Most appear to be wearing blue work shirts.
ShoreTrack team working on the Lawsons’ Valla property

Support in recovery efforts

Receiving this fence building support freed up time and money to spend elsewhere and helped our recovery efforts to regain productivity quickly” Peter Lawson said.

Having secure fences is essential to the success of our enterprise. It allows us to keep stock contained, keeping wild animals out and protects river rehabilitation areas

ShoreTrack cleared 150 metres, repaired 200 meters and rebuilt 1,050 metres of fence line on their property within several weeks.

The quality of the work done and the experience gained by the young folk involved has have been the most satisfying about aspects of the fence rebuilding support we received from ShoreTrack.” – Peter Lawson, North Coast Region

Working with ShoreTrack

The Lawsons thoroughly enjoyed their experience working with NFP ShoreTrack who completed their fence repairs and rebuilding.

Our experience was very positive working with ShoreTrack” Peter said.

We think ShoreTrack is such an important and inspiring organisation for our area. Full marks to them.”– Peter Lawson, North Coast Region.

One man standing and holding a metal tool and another younger man knealing to adjust the bottom of the pole.
The ShoreTrack team repairing the Lawsons’ fence

For more information

Contact your nearest Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299.

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