Direct seeding with revegetation

By Lakna Gunawardana

Direct seeding is the process of sowing seeds directly into the soil.

Direct seeding machine

This can be achieved mechanically or by hand. In July, I had the opportunity to attend the Landcare winter direct seeding & planting workshop in Conargo.

I gained knowledge on seed collection, propagation, direct seeding. One of the highlights of the workshop was the demonstration of the direct seeding machine.

The photos above show the direct seeding machine that was used for demonstration at the Conargo workshop in July (left photo).

The disc attached at the back of the machine cuts into the ground and simultaneously inserts seeds into the soil as seen on the (right photo).

The benefits of direct seeding:

  • Trees and shrubs grow healthier root systems
  • Direct seeding is more efficient for large areas of revegetation
  • Can be done at low cost
  • Relatively easy to establish a diversity of species.

For further information on the benefits of direct seeding:

Site preparation and seed species selection is a vital part of the success in direct seeding. Natasha Lappin from Murray LLS undertakes seed collection, seed storage, direct seeding and provides technical support for planning and implementation of revegetation.

If you’re interested in direct seeding in your property, please contact Natasha Lappin ( (please note that Natasha works for Murray Local Land Services).

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