2022 Riverina Pastures Research Update - Presentation

There are many considerations when it comes to renovating or establishing new pastures with rainfall, soils types, seed selection, grazing management, and chemical inputs, but achieving sufficient pastures to meet livestock production targets while protecting soil biology and maintaining long term viability is often the challenge.

Our staff worked with the Pastures and Livestock Teams at MLA, DPI, CSIRO and Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) to deliver the 2022 Pasture Research Updates to help landholders meet this challenge.

Watch the following videos recorded on the day to get on the right path for pasture selection, sowing, management and considerations for the future.

Lindsay Bell, CSIRO - Improving the use of forage brassicas in mixed farming systems.

Suzanne Boschma, DPI: Tropical pastures - opportunities in Southern NSW after four years of research learning.

Richard Hayes, DPI: Cover cropping – what are the best practices and pitfalls with sowing crop and pasture together.

Dr. Gordon Refshauge, DPI: Grazing wheat forages – what companion plants substitute or complement mineral supplementation.

Rowan Smith, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture: Establishing legumes in mixed pastures swards and understanding sowing rates for bare seed, pod, and rhizobia for maximising return from serradella.

Afternoon Presenter Panel Session

For a copy of the presentations from the event, please contact Senior Land Services Officer - Livestock, Martin Preuss (0455 729 318 or martin.preuss@lls.nsw.gov.au).

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Local Land Services and the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

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