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Other and unusual pest animals

There are a range of pest species lurking in the background, waiting for the opportunity to wreak havoc on our environment and agricultural industry.

These range from the exotic (eg African hedgehog, American corn snake, red-eared slider turtle) to the more familiar (eg the cane toad).

The species of interest presently are as follows:

  • African hedgehog
  • American alligator
  • American corn snake
  • Asian black-spined toad
  • boa constrictor
  • California kingsnake
  • cane toad
  • green iguana
  • Indian palm squirrel
  • red-eared slider turtle
  • veiled chameleon.

Find out more about these species and what threats they present (NSW DPI website).

Report pest animals

The time for control is now

As the world becomes more and more global, the biosecurity risk presented by the introduction of non-native animals is increasing.

Some of these non-native pest animals can find their way into our paddocks, streams and bushland by hitchhiking in. Others are illegally imported as pets and either released into the bush or escape.

These species are concerning because they:

  • can prey on native animals with an unfair advantage
  • can compete for food and shelter, and even destroy habitat
  • can threaten your safety (ie through disease or vehicle accidents)
  • have the potential to establish.

It is essential that you report any sightings of an unusual non-native animal (either in the bush or kept as pets illegally)

Find out more about non-native pest species

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