Managing current and emerging markets

North West Local Land Services has partnered with the following organisations to increase the knowledge, skills, confidence, awareness and adoption of recommended tools, technologies, and practices to adapt to current and emerging market demands:

Tamworth Regional Landcare Association

  • Local Providence – 100 mile long lunch at Gunnedah

The University of Sydney – Narrabri

Native Grasslands for Sustainable Grain Production

Revitalised native grain industry gaining momentum in the Northwest. Northwest NSW is known for producing high-quality grain. This summer, a new partnership is revitalising grain harvesting and producing flour from the traditional grains from the region.

Supported by North West Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government, AgriFutures Australia, Regional Development Australia and University of Sydney, new Indigenous-owned business Garaah Gundal will be leading a harvest collaboration with local farmers of native grains on farms around Narrabri.

A recent workshop in Narrabri promoted good discussion and the development of a number of partnerships.

Mermimborough and Yarrie Lake Landcare Groups

Landholders in the Yarrie Lake and Merrimborough area have noticed declining yields in some of their cereal varieties grown as a result of the sodic soils conditions. Keen to adapt and meet market demands they sort details of new more resilient varieties through contact with local researchers.
In this video you will hear from Dr Meiquin Lu, Plant Breeder, University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute, AGT and Douglas Lash, Variety Support Manager Northern NSW/QLD, AGT Breeding Pty Ltd about new varieties more suited to these soils.


Project details coming soon.

Pulse Australia - Gunnedah

Project details coming soon.

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