North West Beef Extension Network

Within the beef sector there continues to be many opportunities to boost production as a result of the increased rainfall seen across the region. The beef industry is quite diverse across the North West region – from pasture systems to grain fed systems accommodating for producers with trading, backgrounding, breeding and seed stock production systems.

The Agricultural Advisory team has identified an opportunity to provide greater extension services and information to the range of cattle producer across the region through developing the North West Beed Extension Network. With the increased value of cattle, it’s important to ensure that producers are able to capitalise on opportunities to increase productivity regardless of the season. Through the North West Beef Extension Network we hope to provide a forum that assists producers in seeking new information, resources and technologies. A major focus of this Network will be to better inform producers on their genetic selection decisions on farm, their ability capitalise on improved nutrition and identify ways to practically incorporate new technology into their farming system. Through providing greater opportunities to access this information we aim to assist cattle producers in achieving greater returns on their genetic and nutritional investments, which will in-turn drive the productivity, profitability and ultimately sustainability of their beef businesses.

Some examples of topics that may be covered include: the pros and con’s of single sire vs. multi sire joining, the advantages that arise from implementation of set joining, identifying traits of economic performance in your enterprise and many more. The Extension Network would incorporate a range of different forums in which we would aim to provide information to producers such as online resources, newsletters, articles and face-to-face events.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in being involved and you would like more information please contact either of our Livestock Officers Kate McCarthy and/or Naomi Hobson. You can also complete the online form with your contact details.

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