Natural Resource Management case studies

Our team have been working on some wonderful projects in the North West region.

Check some of them out below:

Big Jacks Creek

North West Local Land Services and landowner Roger Ottery have undertaken a project to rehabilitate a portion of Big Jacks Creek in the Upper Liverpool Plains. The project that started in 2019 has already shown a major improvement in the water quality.

Read the Big Jacks Creek case study.

Using regenerative farming to enhance biodiversity

Nigel and Sue Smith run a 1,000 hectare cattle farm located on the outskirts of Tamworth. After the 2018-2019 drought they decided it was time to adapt to a rapidly changing climate. They implemented a series of regenerative farming strategies to bring biodiversity back to their land.

Read the Springhill case study.

A holistic management approach  to improve natural assets

Being able to create a property that could maintain healthy production and endure the traditional boom and bust cycle is the dream of every grazier. John and Sam Hickson at ‘Eural’ near Boomi in North West NSW are progressing this dream to reality, as they ramp up the journey to phase in a new approach to regenerate soils and native pastures.

Read the Hickson case study.

Upper Mooki Rehydration Project

In 2019, 13 landholder enterprises joined forces as a Landcare group partnering with North West Local Land Services on a $660,000 project called the ‘Upper Mooki Rehydration Project’.

Read the Upper Mooki case study.

The Kirkbys: Award winning North West landholders

The Kirkbys property in North West NSW has been transformed into a highly productive showpiece for regenerative agriculture – all through a lot of hard work and some assistance from Local Land Services.

Read the Kirkby case study.

Wallabadah Water Gully Rehabilitation

Water Gully starts high in the hills south-east of Wallabadah, 55km south of Tamworth. It runs behind the historic Wallabadah Racecourse, crossing the New England Highway just south of the village. North West Local Land Services partnered with George Macdonald, the landholder of Jobys Hill, which is directly adjacent to the eastern boundary of the racecourse.

Read the Water Gully case study.

Turning tin into gold at Wee Waa

A riparian area has been revitalised and a paddock described as the ‘hardest country on the place’ has added a biodiverse and productive showcase on the Dixon’s farm near Wee Waa in North West NSW.

Read the Dixon case study.

Valuing, preserving and protecting brigalow woodland

The Mungle Scrub is a special place for landholders Kerrie and Tim Hayes, who have been working to maintain precious remnants of brigalow woodland on their farm, which is among other things, home to one of the rarest butterflies in Australia.

Read the full case study.

You can also download a PDF version of the case study here.

In search of the Regent honeyeater

We’re on the lookout for the critically endangered Regent honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia) east of Barraba on the North West Slopes of NSW, one of the last bastions of this majestic bird. Sadly, we don’t find any. Really, it’s not surprising, with an estimated 250 to 350 left in the wild, the chances were slim.

Read the full case study.

Protecting the pale imperial hairstreak butterfly

The existence of one of Australia’s most endangered butterflies, the pale imperial hairstreak, has been confirmed, however its fate depends on how well a small region of unique brigalow woodland can be maintained, managed and preserved for the future.

Read the full case study.

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