Hudson pear control program

We’re proud to be working with the community and Castlereagh Macquarie County Council to help manage Hudson pear in North West NSW.

In late 2022 the Hudson pear control program was announced to help manage this invasive weed.

This expanded program will see us working together to recruit specialist staff for Hudson pear control, implement a program of targeted chemical and biocontrol control, and equip landholders to manage this problem species on their land.

The program will be implemented in 2023 for a coordinated effort to create a containment line to stop Hudson Pear. It will deliver:

  • onground control measures, primarily through targeted spraying by contractors and landholders
  • free chemical for landholders in identified priority areas
  • two full-time positions to lead and oversee the response until 2027.

Hudson Pear chemical control program guidelines

Activities eligible for funding include:

  • Establishment of containment zones outside core infestations of Hudson pear to maintain/progressively shrink containment lines or manage new outbreaks.
  • Local eradication of outlier incursions in strategic locations
  • Creation of buffer zones by landholders in core infestation areas around high spread risk zones/pathways on their property such as roads/tracks, infrastructure and property boundaries.

Activities NOT eligible for funding:

  • Statutory weed control
  • Clearing of native vegetation
  • Activities that have already been completed

Chemical will not be supplied to contractors or sub-contractors on behalf of landholders.

To be eligible you must:

1. Be able to demonstrate that proposed activities are over and above any statutory landholder requirements for weed management under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

2. Be willing to agree to enter into an Agreement for the provision of herbicide Approved Landholders will be required to pick up chemical from designated locations within agreed timeframes.

How to apply

The chemical control expression of interest is now open and interested landholders are encouraged to apply through the form below:

Download the Hudson pear control program EOI form PDF, 189.37 KB

The program will be delivered through the Castlereagh Macquarie County Council.

Frequently asked questions

To find out more about the program, please read our frequently asked questions.

Latest update

Contracts have now been executed between Local Land Services and the Castlereagh Macquarie County Council, and onground control works have commenced in March 2023.

  • sourcing registered chemical products to enable farmers and contractors to control Hudson Pear on property boundaries, high-risk spread areas and containment lines
  • additional chemical will be available to landholders to maintain/progressively shrink containment lines or manage new outbreaks
  • aerial inspections to identify and map outlying incursions adjacent to known containment lines to inform further ground control programs.

We are also working with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to support the breeding and supply of pure Cochineal sp. lineage. We are providing technical and operational support to the Cochineal sp. mass rearing facility at Lightning Ridge (operated by Castlereagh Macquarie County Council).

Recruitment for the Hudson pear control program

Recruitment for the Hudson Pear Biosecurity Officer role is currently underway, with the advertised position recently closed.

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To find out more about the program, please:

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