Frequently Asked Questions - Hudson Pear Program

What is the program objective?

To June 2027, stop the spread and progressively contain Hudson Pear to enable full distribution of the biological control (Cochineal sp.) within the core infestation.

What does the program include?

To June 2027 the program will include:

  • landholder chemical access
  • targeted spraying of outliers and high-risk containment zones of Hudson Pear
  • employment of a Cacti Coordinator and Biosecurity Officer.

How do I access Landholder Chemical?

Fill in an Expression of Interest form.

Chemical can be used for:

  • Establishment of containment zones outside core infestations of Hudson pear to maintain/progressively shrink containment lines or manage new outbreaks.
  • Local eradication of outlier incursions in strategic locations
  • Creation of buffer zones by landholders in core infestation areas around high spread risk zones/pathways on their property such as roads/tracks, infrastructure and property boundaries.

Landholders will need to hold a current AQF3 chemical certificate to obtain chemical supplies.

Landholder chemical access will not target treatment of the core infestation of Hudson Pear. In these areas the biological control will continue to be distributed and established.

Allocation of amounts of chemical will be informed by project scale, relative priority to other projects, activity completion and chemical stock availability. Limits to chemical supply will be considered if the program becomes fully subscribed.

Currently, landholders with Hudson Pear on their property in the Brewarrina and Walgett, shires can submit an EOI.

Chemical, wetter and dye will be supplied. Landholders will have to pick up the chemical at the collection point, it will not be delivered.

Landholders will need to make a 1 to 1 in-kind contribution to the value of chemical provided. This is normally done as in-kind labour when spraying the Hudson Pear.

Can I access contract spraying under this program?

Initially, the targeted contract spraying component will only focus on known Hudson Pear outliers and high risk spread areas. A works program will be developed informed by the current known distribution, landholder reports, and ground and aerial mapping processes.

Relevant landholders will be directly contacted to be involved and enable access for targeted spraying.

Spraying hours at a targeted site will differ as it depends on the control priority and scale. As a result, targeted landholders will not receive equal amounts of spraying hours.

For more information, contact Todd Pallister, Cacti Control Coordinator using the contact details below.

What is the Hudson Pear Taskforce?

The Hudson Pear Taskforce is an independently Chaired committee of stakeholders inclusive of industry bodies, state agencies, local government, landholders and interest groups. Castlereagh Macquarie County Council is the secretariat.

Hudson Pear Program updates will be provided to the Hudson Pear Taskforce by Local Land Services at its regular meetings.

Contact Us

Todd Pallister, Cacti Control Coordinator - Hudson Pear can be contacted on 0457 939 055 or at

Todd is responsible for:

  • overall implementation of the Hudson Pear Program and will either be located at Lightning Ridge or Walgett.
  • working closely with stakeholders to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the program and keeping the community well informed on progress.

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