Collaboration to build character of Ramsar Wetlands

This project was finalised on 30 June 2023. Funding applications will no longer be accepted.

North West NSW is home to the Ramsar listed Gwydir wetlands which are recognised locally, nationally and internationally, supporting significant colonial waterbird breeding. The purpose of this project is to reduce threatening processes impacting the wetlands and contribute to the recovery actions of the population of the endangered Australasian bittern.

In partnership with landholders within the targeted upstream and surrounding areas the project will improve groundcover management, improved grazing and cropping practices and monitoring and control of invasive species. The project will raise awareness of the Australasian bittern and its habitat requirements. Along with these actions, community awareness and landholder knowledge will be increased through one-on-one advice, events, and media.

Australasian bittern photo by Matt Herring
Photo by Matt Herring

Projects are sought in areas in and upstream of the Ramsar listed Gwydir wetlands. This includes area along and adjacent to the Gwydir and Mehi Rivers. Funded activities could include:

  • Fencing infrastructure and off-stream watering points for grazing management upstream or adjacent to the wetlands
  • Weed control.

This project commenced in July 2019 and will conclude in June 2023 and is supported by Local Land Services through funding by the Australian Government.

Project contact: Pip Jones, Senior Land Services Officer, on 0427 454 795 or email

Download a project proposal form PDF, 959.48 KB.

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